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XCMG Expanded Malaysian Heavy Trucks Market

Date:2016-11-21 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On November 9, XCMG and Hong Seng Group held HANVAN series promotion conference in Penang in Malaysia. With this opportunity, XCMG will expand Malaysia market and create the new name card of “Made in China”.


XGMC Expanded Malaysian Heavy Trucks Market

Hong Seng XCMG HANVAN Launching Ceremony

Hong Seng Group is the sole agent of HANVAN heavy truck in Malaysia. Director Manager of Hong Seng Group, Zhang Haixing said that the confidence in “Made in China” product made them choose XCMG . China heavy trucks have been sold in Malaysia for 8 years. From the beginning of customers’ doubt on Chinese product to today’s success, China trucks excellent performance on quality and power has totally eliminated this uncertainty.


XGMC Expanded Malaysian Heavy Trucks Market

XCMG HANVAN Series Products with Excelent Quality Beyond Value

Customers also spoke highly of Chinese trucks performance. In the event, a Malaysian truck driver talked about his HANVAN trucks proudly, “the truck is good, not only running with more power and comfort, but also saving money and maintained easily.”


XGMC Expanded Malaysian Heavy Trucks Market

XCMG HANVAN Series Products Exported to Malaysia

The price is a strong point of Chinese trucks in Malaysian market. However, Malaysian high-end heavy trucks market previously has been monopolized by European brands. Chinese brands will be hard to competitive with the European trucks if they only have low price instead of good quality. About this, the general manager of XCMG Business Department Luo Donghai talked with high confidence, “the first feature of trucks design is the safety, and the second is economy to create more profit for customers. The third is the environmental protection in unison with the theme of the whole world development. And the last is the intelligent manufacturing, which is the development trend of all the industry.


XGMC Expanded Malaysian Heavy Trucks Market

With the efforts of many years, “Made in China” has laid good reputation in Malaysia. Manager Mr. Luo said, “XCMG can provide a very competitive product for Malaysian trucks market. XCMG can also be a demonstration of “Going out” in our industry under the strategy of “One Belt and One Road”.

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