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Foton Aumark Driverless Super Truck Launched in Shanghai ICV Show 2016

Date:2016-11-21 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On November 14, Foton Automobile Group listed domestic unmanned truck in Shanghai Intelligent Connected Vehicles Exhibition 2016 (Shanghai ICV). Among them, Aumark unmanned light truck attracted the attention of the guest. We should know that even around the world, the company’s unmanned light trucks can be counted on the fingers of your one hand.


Foton Listed Aumark Unmanned Light Truck in iCar Show

Aumark unmanned trucks are pure electric power truck, applying high precision combined positioning technology and high precision safety map technology. Aumark has implemented unmanned technology by using the Carlife technology co-developed with Baidu.


Foton Listed Aumark Unmanned Light Truck in iCar Show

According to the International SAE standard, the Foton unmanned truck is in Level 2 to Level 3 of using the solution of multi sensor fusion that has a certain automatic driving ability. In detail, the truck is developed based on traditional electric super truck chassis with implementation of zero emission. And in Information Acquisition System, the truck can ensure the driving safety by laser radar, millimeter wave radar, high definition camera, inertial navigation and other technology, as well as the application of Foton“iFOTON” cloud platform and Baidu Carlife system implemented real time monitoring when you are driving. In the future, Baidu will provide a high accuracy map of 10 cm for Foton unmanned super trucks.

Foton Listed Aumark Unmanned Light Truck in iCar Show

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