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WAW DITO Launched and Gained Orders of 6800 Trucks

Date:2016-11-28 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On November 23, 2016, in a conference focusing on technology and fashion, the DITO light truck with smart configuration and stylish appearance was launched in Rizhao. The DITO light trunks are released officially in the witness of more than 200 guests while intelligent connected truck network management platform was on-line at the same time!

In this conference, the DITO has showed the product containing "American origin" and "black technology”, and conquered the crowd all of a sudden. It is learned that the DITO focuses on the pursuit of easy and efficient transport of people to provide a comprehensive solution for science and technology, safety, quality and environmental protection and with a fashion appearance. Then its products includes WAW GX, DX models, covering freight trucks, Green-vegetable transporters and other fields.

Except the young fashionable appearance, DITO “inside” is also very rich. According to reports, DITO have great advantages in safety, comfort, bearing etc. DITO all series passed the test of 500 thousand kilometers of reliability and 30 thousand kilometers of high temperature, cold – resistant to ensure the save operating in severe construction condition. Products with variable cross-section structure and lightweight frame use 5101 steel for automobile frame that is stamped in one time. The vehicle body is safe and reliable with high strength, high bending and torsion strength and high bearing. At the same time, the front anti-collision beam and the side of the anti-collision beam structure also increased the weight for the driving safety.


WAW DITO Launched and Gained Orders of 6800 Trucks

Meanwhile, in the power system, the DITO trucks are equipped with the excellent engine such as the YUNNEI, Dongfeng and drive system is the collection of precision driving control system, body stability system, intelligent drive system and ergonomic system, with such a strong technology platform to create a precisely, stable, fast and comfortable drive control experience. You can follow your heart and go anywhere you want.

In the guests’ witness, the car was officially released to market. And there also set off a wave of orders on the spot, a total of 6800 orders!


WAW DITO Launched and Gained Orders of 6800 Trucks

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