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ZOOMLION 4.0 Product Portfolio Showed in bauma 2016

Date:2016-11-29 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: In bauma China 2016 of gathering construction equipment, ZOOMLION sent “4.0 product portfolio”  to join the battle. The strong team included the 56 meter boom concrete pump truck and four axles eight cube mixing transport truck. At the same time, ZOOMLION dry mixed mortar system solutions were also unveiled on bauma China 2016 to comprehensively display the future development direction of the industry.


ZOOMLION Product 4.0 Army Showed in bauma 2016

On vehicle performance, 56 meters pump truck originated the high precision, high efficiency and high pressure pumping technology that pumping efficiency is 5-8% higher than the industry, and energy consumption is 2-4% lower than it. Product configures global leading arm active shock-absorbing technology, that full operating arm frame vibration amplitude is less than 0.2 meters. In terms of product quality, the structural parts of the pump and the welding seam fatigue optimize the design method, and the laboratory life of the structure parts is up to 450 thousand cube without cracked that reaches the same advanced level in Europe. In the field of intelligent technology, the electronic control system of 56 meter pump truck and cloud platform achieve networking and data interaction, fully integrating into the ZOOMLION “Assembling E-PASS” APP that customers can freely control the state of equipment, create new mode of equipment management.


ZOOMLION Product 4.0 Army Showed in bauma 2016

The showed four axles eight cube mixing transport truck is the 4.0 product ZOOMLION made. This mixing truck relying on ZOOMLION deep technical accretion and excellent innovative spirit has achieved the ultimate on technology, quality, cost and service which is an outstanding masterpiece of ZOOMLION new mixer.

Energy and fuel saving is the biggest highlight of this product. Through the introduction of "anti stealing oil, anti stealing material and anti sabotage”, the mixer has achieved the maximum of customers ROI due to the outstanding advantages in fuel saving, once launched, widely welcomed by the market, known as the "energy saving king", "fuel saving the housekeeper”.

In addition, the product applies the third generation of vane technology, and the relative error of mortar density is in the advanced level of the industry as well as the relative error of coarse aggregate. The mixer also full applies of ZOOMLION “Assembly E-PASS” intelligent app to push and receive key data of intelligent vehicle scheduling and monitoring, equipment maintenance reminding, fuel consumption and other aspects, that effectively enhance the management efficiency.

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