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SHACMAN Orders Break through 20000 in November

Date:2016-12-02 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On November 30, SHACMAN post moments inWechat that its sales exceeding to 20000 units in November.


What’s the concept of 20000 orders? We can show you according to its sales data in October. In October, SHACMAN heavy truck orders have exceeded 15000 units, and the real sales reached to nearly 10000 units. Surprisingly, SHACMAN had a better performance in November than October, orders increased more than 5000 units.


Why does SHACMAN grow so vigorously? On one side, it depends on the continuous stimulation of governing overfreight and cost of moving freight on trucks is rising. Since the implementation of GB1589 on September 21, the heavy trucks market seemed to be injected an “accelerator” that all truck manufacturers sales rose quickly, especially the 6×4 model has nearly been sold out, its hot sales just look like back to 2010. On the other side, boosted by the corporate own structure and the products transformation,
The tractors sales has accounted for over 66 percent of the totals, for not only the fast transformation but also SHACMANer’s efforts.

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