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XCMG Won Orders for 150 LNG Concrete Mixers in Rental Market in Liaoning

Date:2016-12-15 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, XCMG Logistics Company had good news again, won orders of 150 LNG concrete mixer trucks in Liaoning Province by rentals for sale.

XCMG Won Orders for 150 LNG Concrete Mixers in Rentals Market in Liaoning


Influenced by the climbing fuel price, the emission standard upgrade and other factors, green new energy has become the new trend of heavy truck industry development. Compared to the traditional diesel concrete mixer trucks, XCMG LNG concrete mixer truck has outstanding advantages of economy, environmental protection and safety with features of heavy load, strong climbing ability, large transferring torque, high reliability and transportation efficiency, which can fully meet the users' construction needs and the strict requirement for construction condition. In addition, for different districts and different physic products, XCMG can make individual and competitive charter plan for the big customers with large scale needs of construction business. They also provide solutions in the whole process and receive highly praise from their customers.

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