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FotonDaimler Delivered 1000 Auman ETX to Wanqiang Logistics

Date:2017-01-04 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On December 28, FotonDaimler and Chongqing Wanqiang Logistics Company held delivery ceremony in Beijing Super Truck Experience Center. Mr. Zhang Pei, the general manager of Chongqing Wanqiang Logistics Company took the new keys of Auman car transportation truck from Mr. Wang Wei, the deputy general manager of FotonDaimler Automotive Marketing Company, marking the cooperation of FotonDaimler and Chongqing Wanqiang Logistics entered a new era.   


Chongqing Wanqiang Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, mainly provide vehicle logistics services for Changan and other brands, owning nearly 300 units of car transportation trucks, the annual shipment is 300,000. The company and FotonDaimler signed a strategic cooperation agreement of 1,000 trucks in November 2016, which was the first batch of vehicles successfully delivered. The smooth delivery is the first breakthrough that Auman achieved in Chongqing market, and lays a solid foundation for the follow-up Chongqing market.

Mr. Liu Gang, deputy general manager of FotonDaimler Automotive Marketing Company, said, "We have always been able to provide a complete logistics solution for our customers. FotonDaimler and Chongqing Wanqiang Logistics have been connected tightly. Today, we are honored to officially hand over these trucks to Chongqing Wanqiang logistics, thank them for their recognition and choice of FotonDaimler, I believe this is a mutual attraction and appreciation.”


Mr. Zhang Pei said: The reason why they purchased FotonDaimler products is that they can provide customers with comprehensive logistics solutions, professional sales team, and the all-out dealers. From the price, finance, quality assurance, service to the intelligent fleet management system, FotonDaimler provides them with the perfect value-added services and leads the car logistics industry development.

The market recognition of the delivery trucks is high, belonging to Auman classic models. Wide body cabin, large space, affordable price, matching with Cummins ISG engine, 100,000 km engine maintenance, 40,000 km transmission and rear axle  maintenance, the first security material costs and man-hour cost are free of charge.

Due to the particularity of the car transportation, Wanqiang Logistics has higher requirements on the reliability and power of the vehicle. The Auman ETX has won the user's trust with the advantage of its high power, high efficiency and fuel economy. In the field of transportation vehicles, the overall configuration of the delivery vehicle has been higher than the average level of the industry, and combined with regulations of the goods transportation vehicle industry to further regulate and promote the upgrading of product quality.

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