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GAC HINO 4x2 Van to be Launched across China in April

Date:2017-04-01 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: At last Guangzhou International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition, GAC HINO 4x2 van’s splendid appearance attracts much attention. GAC HINO always has 700 series trucks as its main model, launches a 4x2 van so as to get into urban medium and short distance transportation field after conducting constant observation and offers accurate product positioning in the express industry. 

GAC HINO 4x2 Van to be Launched across China in April
The 9.6m 4x2 van is a modernized vehicle integrating environmental protection, fuel saving and high efficiency into a whole under the joint efforts of HINO and GAC Automotive Engineering Institute after the company engaged in market orientation. It is suitable for urban logistics, LCL shipment and express delivery, etc. 

GAC HINO 4x2 Van to be Launched across China in April
The van is equipped with J08E engine, the same as HINO “THE BEAST”, and has two horsepower available including 265Ps and 300Ps. The engine once accompanied with HINO “BEAST” to take part in the world’s harshest competition and The Paris Dakar Rally which is attended by the world’s top fleet. HINO “BEAST”, together with this engine, finished the whole competition for 27 times in succession, and won the first championship of truck team in 1997 and continued to hold the championship of vehicles with less than 10L displacement for 7 years. All these examples above prove that the engine enable to deliver remarkable reliability and durability. The van’s chassis weighs 6.7t with maximum compartment of 66. 7m³. 

GAC HINO 4x2 Van to be Launched across China in April
As a new product representing GAC HINO’s resolution to access the express industry and a turning point for GAC HINO, the 4x2 van will be launched in April across the national market. By then, how the van marches into the express industry with its spirit in pursuit of perfection, let’s wait and see!

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