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SAIC Hongyan Central-axle Car Trailers Officially Put in Use

Date:2017-05-16 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On May 11, 2017, dozens of SAIC Hongyan centre-axle car trailers were put in use by Anji Automotive Logistics Co.,Ltd, China's largest automotive logistics provider. 

SAIC Hongyan Central-axle Car Trailers Officially Put in Use
With the new GB1589 and a series of stringent regulations released, trailers that don’t comply with the requirement will be banned to run on road dated July, 1, 2018. In face of the current situation, Hongyan offers a full line of car trailers based on IVECO platform, with the great support from SAIC Motor Corp. and its strong capacity as the first joint venture in heavy truck market. Hongyan central-axle car trailers, measuring 20m in length, is able to carry 8 to 10 passenger cars, not only conforming to the latest regulations but also help improve the transport efficiency. 

SAIC Hongyan Central-axle Car Trailers Officially Put in Use
SAIC Hongyan central-axle car trailer measures only 2670mm in height, the lowest in China, and thus delivers a higher level of stability and safety performance. As for the chassis, a Jieshi M500 was fitted for hauling the passenger car. With reference to the engine, a 9L Kesuo engine with a power output of 290hp was equipped to deliver a strong power for the whole vehicle. Besides, Hongyan central-axle car trailer are equipped with H8A single reduction drive axle, FAST aluminum transmission and air-suspension cab, which combines to reduce the vehicle weight without scarifying its comfort. All these elements, in addition to“Gen-star system” including ten integrated telematics system such as remote diagnosis system, fleet management and report program generator (RPG), have active implications for vehicle efficiency and make Hongyan central-axle car trailers the best choice for GM and Anji Logistics. 

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