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EXPO2017: Foton Became the Sole Supplier of Designated Vehicle of China Pavilion

Date:2017-05-19 Source:Foton

www.chinatrucks.com: On May 12, 2017,”Foton Motor Group Signing Ceremony as Expo 2017 Astana – China Pavilion Sponsor” is held at the headquarters of Foton Motor Group. As the "Gold Sponsor" of China Pavilion of this World Expo, Foton Motor will provide TOANO, AUV, SAUVANA automobiles as the sole designated vehicles of China Pavilion. This undoubtedly indicates the trust from China Pavilion. On the other hand, it shows the good international PR image of Foton Motor.

EXPO 2017 ASTANA: Foton Designated as Sole Vehicle Supplier for China Pavilion

Foton Motor Group is awarded as “Gold Sponsor” for Expo 2017 Astana China Pavilion

Mr. Wang Jinzhen(left), deputy director of the China Pavilion organizing committee and vice-chairman of the CCPIT

Mr. Chang Rui(right), VP of Foton Motor Group, President of Foton International

As an international platform with a long influence in the world, World Expo is hailed as the world's "Olympic" event in the fields of economy, science and technology and culture. It can be deemed a record of the wisdom of social civilization and prospects for the future by wide exchanges over the thought of the themes on national and world trends in the host country.

Expo 2017 Astana will be conducted on June 10 to September 10, 2017. To meet the current world's demand for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the theme of this World Expo is "Future Energy". The theme of China Pavilion in this event is "Future Energy, Green Silk Road", which implies the origin of history in trade and other respects between China and Central Asia, Europe, the rest of Asia, and expresses China's view on the new energy development, and this country's practices and thought of future energy development.

EXPO 2017 ASTANA: Foton Designated as Sole Vehicle Supplier for China Pavilion

The automobile industry strongly correlates with environment and energy. Its development in energy conservation and environmental protection technology will directly shape future environment and green travel. This industry receives much attention in the world's largest recognized automobile market – China. Foton Motor has ranked first in Chinese commercial vehicles for 12 years in succession, and first in the export of commercial vehicles for five years running. This point highly agrees with the energy theme of Expo 2017 Astana and the general trend of Belt and Road Initiative. For now, Foton Motor is setting off on a journey to Astana.

Developed according to German technical standard, FOTON TOANO has passed the certification of TUV Rheinland, and thus achieved the perfect integration with "German Industry 4.0”. In the event marking the 70th anniversary of the V-day in 2015, FOTON TOANO transported heads of state from around the world. In 2016, it moved on as the official vehicle of G20 Summit for international high-ranking government officials.

EXPO 2017 ASTANA: Foton Designated as Sole Vehicle Supplier for China Pavilion

Foton Motor designated vehicle of China Pavilion Expo 2017 ASTANA: SAUVANA(left), AUV(middle), TOANO(right)

FOTON SAUVANA which accomplished the competition of Dakar rally in 2016, is a new prominent cross-country SUV manufactured under the American large SUV philosophy "Inherit Strength”, which is equipped with Cummins Engine. With driving comfort and controllability of saloon cars, FOTON SAUVANA adopts the technical route of EGR+VGT+DPF to purify tail gas fundamentally. It will provide green, comfortable services for China Pavilion in Expo 2017 Astana.

As the official vehicle of G20 Summit in 2016, FOTON AUV served for high-ranking government officials, state guests and journalists with zero malfunction. In the field of new energy technology, FOTON AUV hydrogen fuel coach not only has more sustainable power and zero carbon emission as vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells do, but also provides higher energy efficiency.

As the sole designated vehicles of China Pavilion in Expo 2017 Astana, TOANO, AUV, SAUVANA automobiles not only accord seamlessly with the theme of future energy due to its environment-friendly green technology, but also show to the world that Foton Motor as a New Benchmark for Intelligent Manufacturing of China, is picturing Chinese innovation power by scientific and technological innovation.

EXPO 2017 ASTANA: Foton Designated as Sole Vehicle Supplier for China Pavilion

Foton Goes Ahead of Others along Green "Silk Road"

"Green Silk Road", the theme of China Pavilion is about to show to the world during this event, profoundly interprets the concept of green development in China under “Belt and Road” Initiative. Coincidently, as the forerunner of this Initiative, Foton Motor is one of China's enterprises that have "gone global" earliest and seen the industry-based operation on a global basis, guided by the practice of breakthroughs in science and technology.

With sales and service networks across more than 110 countries, Foton Motor has set up national sales companies in nine countries such as Russia, Thailand, Australia and Brazil. It has established over 30 KD projects in over 20 countries, and mainly constructed local production bases in India, Thailand, Russia, etc. Resting on the integration of local industry chains, this company has so far conducted the local industry-based operation in Thailand, etc.

EXPO 2017 ASTANA: Foton Designated as Sole Vehicle Supplier for China Pavilion

As early as 2004, Foton Motor created its overseas business division and began to plan its development toward the whole globe. Statistics show that in 2016 Foton Motor exported nearly 580,000 units of automobiles, rising 9% from a year earlier and registering inverse export growth, and that this company has ranked first in the export of Chinese commercial vehicles. Additionally, this company has made brilliant achievements in the cooperation projects of those countries along "Belt and Road Initiative" route.

As the most technologically representative urban transport projects in Kazakhstan even in the whole of Central Asia's, Astana automatic unmanned light rail project is the China and Kazakhstan ‘s model project under the initiative of “Belt & Road “, and it will greatly enhance the image of the capital of Astana, increase the residents and tourists travel convenience, comfort and safety. At present, Foton Motor has cooperated with the project contractor to provide relevant engineering machinery, heavy truck and other products and supporting services.

It is worth mentioning that when the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation is about to be held, AUV under Foton has successfully won the order from YBS in Myanmar according to which 1,000 units of clean energy buses are involved. This is the first large export order of Chinese passenger vehicles in 2017. This also proves that Foton Motor is not only a new name card of "made in China", but also a new benchmark of Chinese green "silk road".

EXPO 2017 ASTANA: Foton Designated as Sole Vehicle Supplier for China Pavilion

The first batch of FOTON AUV 1000 buses order for Myanmar are delivering

Foton Motor will build the product standard for green World Expo, and make technology breakthroughs continuously. Not only that, but it will rely on scientific and technological innovation to further develop itself under the global industry-based framework and conduct localized operations. Supported by technologies and operation experience of two joint ventures, namely, Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. (BFDA) and Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd (BFCEC), Foton Motor will copy the globally leading automobile manufacturing and operation standard to other regions with its business. It will, when offering high value-added products and services to local users, serve as the forerunner of "intelligent manufacturing in China", and the internationally leading automobile enterprise driven by technology.


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