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XCMG XCA300U Won Recognition among US Customers

Date:2017-08-08 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com:Recently, a piece of good news comes from Pennsylvania, USA, that XCMG XCA300U gives perfect first show in USA and wins high appraisal from local lifting constructor after completing difficult lifting tasks in succession. The lifting is of great significance for Chinese crane industry and marks a new break through that Chinese large ton all-terrain crane has made in European and America high-end market.

XCMG XCA300U Won Recognition among US Customers

XCA300U is a high-end G model specially designed for North American market. 8 spotlights perfectly demonstrate the outstanding performance of lifting.

The chassis uses DOT authorized parts and American local parts, ensuring a reliable security and convenient service. The emission conforms to Tier 4F requirement. XCMG uses excellent multifunctional steering technology, comprehensive braking management, and extended range oil & air suspension technology for XCA300U. The human interface system will adjust your truck according to Americans driving habits, new American-style braking system and deeply optimized power system enables the crane more fuel saving and the capability to transfer yarn in full load much stronger.

XCMG XCA300U Won Recognition among US Customers

The crane matches dolly with several axle-load status and is able to meet various driving axle loads in different states in North American market.

XCA300U all-terrain crane uses 6 axles 7 cantilevers in “H” shaped structure with the main jib reaching 80m (262.5ft). The hoisting performance is in industrial leading level.

The “Y” shaped super lift, fly jib, wind power repairing jib permits an excellent lifting performance.

The mature automatic self-removable counterweight and G model intelligent cantilever technology make hoisting convenient and fast.

The outstanding driving and hoisting performance enable XCA300U completing work in complex conditions and shock the on-site workers. “Chinese crane is so awesome!” Again, XCMG’s good performance is better explained by the fact.

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