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27,000 Units of Hongyan Heavy-duty Truck Sold in the First Eight Months

Date:2017-09-06 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: SAIC Hongyan, China’s leading truck manufacturer, recently reported its heavy truck sales that stood at 3500 units during August 2017, an increase of 248%. This is the highest ever monthly increase in the history of the company.

If this trend goes on, they say SAIC Hongyan is expecting to reach the annual sales volume of 28,000 with ease by the end of this year, even break the best record ever made in 2010 ( 33,000 units).

SAIC Hongyan had the highest-ever growth among the top 10

In July, SAIC Hongyan reported 210% year on year growth, which stood at 3510 units, while in August, it registered a growth of 33%, having sold 3500 units.

27,000 Units of Hongyan Heavy-duty Truck Sold in the First Eight Months

As for the performance in the first half year, SAIC Hongyan has also kept a double increase. To be specific, it saw 120% rise in January, 184% for February, 162% for March, 134% for April, 150% for May and 154% for June. Accordingly, its position on the ranking list jumps from eighth to sixth.

From January to August, SAIC Hongyan saw its total sales of 27,000 units as against 10,000 units the same time last year, up by 166%, an increase far higher than industry average increase (74%).

According to the statistics, Hongyan becomes the one with the highest increase among top 10 ranking for heavy truck and takes 3.5% market share.

Except having seen great sales increase, SAIC Hongyan has also achieved good performance in the segmented market like car carriers, muck trucks, express trucks and hazardous chemical transportation trucks. This year, Hongyan takes the lead in the launch of the new central car carrier and cargo truck. In early September, there will be one more four-door fire truck to show off at the Fire Truck China 2017, continuing to prove its strength as the leading truck builder.

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