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First OEM 4-door Fire Truck Chassis Shines Off at China Fire 2017

Date:2017-09-07 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatruck.com: From 5th September to the 8th September, China Fire 2017 is being held at the New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, China, drawing more than 700 exhibitors from 30 countries. 

First OEM 4-door Fire Truck Chassis Shines Off at China Fire 2017

China fire has been a world famous and professional fire equipment expo, which is an important platform to demonstrate the advanced technology and product quality of Chinese fire truck enterprises. This event showcases product from Fire Vehicle, Rescue Equipment to Personal Equipment for Firefighters and Fire products for Buildings.

As a leading truck builder, SAIC Hongyan made its appearance on this expo with its products of family brands like first OEM 4-door Fire Truck Chassis, which became the highlight of this expo. They say this chassis is on show for the first time and well-liked. The other chassis on show is a 6×4 OEM two-door fire truck chassis.

In the past, the cab is often built by cutting and welding in a refitting factory. The cab made this way usually result in incompatibility with the whole vehicle in terms of consistency, safety, painting and interior decoration. According to this case, SAIC Hongyan developed the first four-door fire truck cab equipped with FIAT COSEL engine and H8A axle on the basis of European IVECO technology to deal with more and more complicated operation environment.

First OEM 4-door Fire Truck Chassis Shines Off at China Fire 2017

In terms of power performance, both of the two fire truck chassis are equipped with COSEL C9 enigne and FAST transmission that delivers a maximum power of 350hp. In safety, it shares the same high-intense steel plate with other family members and utilizes a four-point suspension driving cab design to well protect the safety of the fireman. As the cab is high inside it gives the driver an enough space and a comfortable travelling. In terms of painting, the advanced European e-coat line is used to ensure that the coating is delicate and anti-corrosion even when exposed in harsh environment. In suspension system, it chooses to install front and rear suspension and have winch fitted in the front to avoid destroy the beauty of whole vehicle.

First OEM 4-door Fire Truck Chassis Shines Off at China Fire 2017

Furthermore, the two fire truck chassis on show has a front and rear floor clearance as low as its international counterparts for the convenience of fireman to get up and down fire equipment.

For years, foreign brands have been dominating the fire truck chassis market in China. For now, native brand Hongyan, as the leading heavy truck builder, take the lead in offering the first fire truck chassis. It means that China has made great progress in fire truck technology and special vehicle market.

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