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To Replace Foreign Brands, Yuchai Speaks for “Made in China”

Date:2017-09-29 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com:“In the first half of this year, the overseas export of Yuchai had maintained the trend of solid growth; the export volume had reached more than 25,000 sets at a year-on-year growth rate of 5%. Especially, the sector of bus engine had an eye-catching performance with total export volume of nearly 8,000 sets, achieving a year-on-year increase of 105% and market shares of 70%.” The principal of overseas marketing department of the sales company of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. said to the reporter so.

To Replace Foreign Brands, Yuchai Speaks for “Made in China”

It is worth mentioning that, in overseas market, the original applications of buses were mainly made up by foreign brands’ engines; however, in these years, Yuchai has realized a constant replacement of foreign brands. During this period of time, “Made in China” was recognized; and its brand influence has been constantly improved, showing the strong competitiveness and infinite charm of national brand to the world.

Hard Power is Made Up by both Excellent Quality and Service

There must be a lot of work to do behind a wonderful achievement. In this case, how is the strong performance of Yuchai in overseas market made? As the saying goes, “Do not near the water until you learn how to swim.” As for the reason why engines of Yuchai are popular among foreign customers, the principal of overseas marketing department of the sales company of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. thinks that, first of all, the products have great quality; they are applicable, reliable, and on a par with foreign brands. In addition, Yuchai can process adaptive development and rapid adjustment for different countries, regions, demands and working conditions, so as to satisfy the diversified market demands of local customers.

To Replace Foreign Brands, Yuchai Speaks for “Made in China”

In the first half of this year, the customer, who has the first big project in bus industry of 2,000 buses for Myanmar, chose gas engines of Yuchai completely. For this batch of cars, according to the condition of bus in Yangon, Yuchai closely connected to customers and bus factories; they processed adaptive development according to the model selection of vehicle power and configuration requirements, and updated the power and emission systems. In the same time, Yuchai completed the delivery on time according to the delivery requirements and received high praise from the customer. Yuchai got the order because of its high quality in both domestic and overseas market.

Besides, the high attention and great effort to service also is the important reason for getting this opportunity. There is a saying in bus industry: the first car is sold by marketing personnel; however, it is mainly depended on service personnel from the second car. The significance of service is self-evident. But, as we know, the holdings of overseas market are usually less than domestic market; and it is a great challenge for after-sales service due to its wide distribution and big scale.

As the old saying went, “food and fodder should go ahead of troops and horses”. Yuchai established the “three-graded” after-sales service security system for overseas market. The current overseas service network of Yuchai is the first-grade security. At present, Yuchai has established nearly 150 service agents abroad in total; and the service network has basically covered the entrance area in overseas market. The technical support and service guidance of offices generate the second-grade security. Yuchai has established 17 overseas offices and representative offices, through regular training and guidance of service experts to customers and service providers, to ensure and improve the service and operation of agents. The backstage support of headquarters becomes the third-grade security. The powerful backstage system support of service center, emergency specialized team, and technical support team has provided comprehensive support and security for the front of overseas market. In the same time, Yuchai prepares to build fittings central storage in Southeast Asia and Middle East, so as to provide security for fittings in time. From the initial model selection and matching to the later technical training and after-sales service, Yuchai has always kept the concept of customer-oriented. Yuchai engines realized long-term and win-win cooperation with customers relying on the strong after-sales service security.

“Quality & reliable products and complete & sound service” and the comprehensive integrated solution are the “magic weapons” for the success of Yuchai in domestic market. The valuable genes are also rooted in the development of overseas market; and these help Yuchai to capture territory and to get good reputation.

Leveraging the “Belt and Road Initiative”, Receiving a Steady Flow of Overseas Large Orders

With the assistance, I will set a new record. Except for the quality products and service of Yuchai, the “Belt and Road Initiative” is absolutely assistance.

In recent years, the domestic bus industry has little highlights except for the excellent performance in new energy’s market segment. But the “Belt and Road Initiative” undoubtedly brings a great opportunity for domestic bus enterprises to develop the global market. Along with the comparative advantages of buses of China’s self-owned brands, the countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” have become the main export areas for domestic buses in recent years.

“Especially the first half of this year, Yuchai had constant export orders for the bus engine. Besides the 2,000 sets of Myanmar, there are more than 1,200 sets for Saudi Arabia, nearly 800 sets for Kuwait, and 300 sets for Pakistan. According to persons in charge, Yuchai is located in Guangxi, where is the “bridgehead” of 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and opening-up for ASEAN. In this case, Yuchai seized the national strategic opportunity and played the role of its unique regional advantages, becoming the outstanding representative of “Made in China” in “Belt and Road Initiative”.

With a piece of Qiangdi for Silk Road, the Hu horses and colorful strings have lasted for thousand years. Surrounding the Silk Road Economic Belt, Yuchai processed a targeted market layout to develop the markets of ASEAN, Middle East, West Asia, and Europe. Besides the several big orders this year, Yuchai has a fully flourished situation of bus engine’s export; it has realized the market access by batches in some regional markets as well as diversified products. For example, in the markets of school bus and pilgrimage vehicle of Saudi Arabia, Yuchai exports more than 3,500 sets of engines every year, with holdings of more than 20,000 sets; in the market of sightseeing bus in Thailand, Yuchai exports more than 1,500 sets every year; in the bus markets of Myanmar, Pakistan, and Philippines, all customers chooses the engines of Yuchai; in the labor cars market of Qatar, the exported buses from China are equipped with Yuchai’s engines; in the new energy markets of South Asia, Central Asia, and Europe, Yuchai realizes the market access by batches.

Yuchai has been committed to develop the overseas market with domestic bus enterprises together, and established good strategic cooperation relationship with them. So many bus manufacturers initially choose the engines of Yuchai without exception.

To Achieve the Record of 50,000 Sets, Every Day is the “Chinese Brand Day”

The engine is the “heart” of a vehicle and the crucial core part. If the internationalization of China’s bus brands achieves the representation of “Made in China” with “craftsmanship”, then, the hero behind is absolutely Yuchai.

In the first half of this year, the total domestic export volume of bus was more than 10,000; and nearly 8,000 buses of them were equipped with Yuchai’s engines.” The principal expressed that, it is just an epitome of Yuchai’s export.

Above all, in the past, the domestic exported buses were mainly equipped with engines of foreign brands. It was awkward that although the car body and logo is made in China, but the engine, the most crucial part is made by foreign brands. “The Chinese car body and foreign core” made domestic bus export hard to be tough. Over these years, Yuchai has made the “Made in China” buses a “Chinese core” with the constant replacement of foreign brands, being more confident in international market. Every May 10 is the “China Brand Day” since this year. Yuchai got a perfect success with practical action undoubtedly, making every day a “China Brand Day”.

It is worth mentioning that, besides the products’ export, Yuchai also active responses to “Belt and Road Initiative”, devotes on the “go global” of “soft powers” such as technologies and standards, and constantly improves the brand influence of “Made in China”. At the same time of realizing products’ export, Yuchai also provides technical support to local enterprises and customers as well as providing technical solutions of the whole range of products to them. From the initial model selection, matching, adaptive development, and technological improvement to the later technical training and after-sales service, with its own technical R&D advantages, Yuchai helps the local manufactures and customers to improve the capacity of technology application, and to gradually achieve the transition from product output to technical output.

The market is the best proof. “In this year, we are looking forward to export more than 50,000 sets with more than 10,000 buses.” The principal is extremely confident. It will set a new record in the buses’ engine industry.

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