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Model Innovation Creates Brand Value, JAC and Volkswagen Cooperation Accelerates

Date:2017-10-12 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

From the industry people’s point of view, there are three key words in the cooperation between JAC and Volkswagen, which is new energy, complementary equivalence, and win-win creation. They believe that as JAC and Volkswagen joint venture gradually forms its independent R&D ability, JAC upgrading road will be more solid and obvious.

Model Innovation Creates Brand Value, JAC and Volkswagen Cooperation Accelerates

Creating New Joint Venture Model

Since JAC and Volkswagen officially signed the joint venture agreement in Volkswagen headquarter, Germany, the bilateral cooperation relationship has been formalized. It is learnt that the joint venture cooperation has completed the basic steps, including the relevant approvals, the joint venture agreement signature, Hefei City investment agreement signature, and the groundbreaking ceremony held in June, till now; there is only one step left, namely the signature of the joint plant.

As the earliest enterprise to start the research, production and application of new energy automobiles, JAC has already mastered core technology after ten-year and seven-generation overlapping development with the accumulative application of 55,000 unites and the accumulative mileage of 700 million kilometers. “Right now, JAC has systematically mastered the electric motors ’three core technologies including battery pack, electric motor and electric control, as well as the electric steering, electric braking and energy recycling, moreover, JAC has realized breakthrough in the battery thermal management, intrinsic safety management technologies.”One of JAC responsible person introduced.

For JAC, Volkswagen is world famous brand with deep technology basic and rich marketing experience. At the beginning of the project, both parts started the cooperation from the marketing research, products design, experimental verification and cost control. Taking the first joint venture car as an example, JAC provides the platform, Volkswagen sends the experts for technical appraisement, and both parts will exert their efforts to improve the identical problems, finally Volkswagen will be responsible for the products ‘acceptance.

“There are several innovative points in this joint venture cooperation: Firstly, jointly creating a new brand. On the basis of the new energy, they have created a new and internationalized brand. Secondly, jointly establishing a new system. The joint venture will gradually form an independent, complete and world-class research system and technology innovative ability system, however, at the early beginning; the research institutes will mainly establish its products’ research management ability. Thirdly, jointly establish new channels that are to deepen the innovative business model, build win - win market model. Fourthly, jointly explore new areas. Search the possible exploration in mobile travel, vehicle interconnection, large data, used cars platform, remanufacturing.”that responsible person said.

Independent Brand and Its Behind System Establishment

JAC Volkswagen cooperation will be directed by innovation. We will promote self-innovation in the open development, use innovation to motivate new momentum and realize new development. It is known that the mutual parts will found a joint venture with integration of research, production and sales, actively exploring the cooperation potential in new energy automobile products, technologies and international markets, and furthermore, set up an independent, world-class research system.

Volkswagen and JAC will together explore the future market promotion model, especially under the background of the co-existence of traditional sales model and new business electric vehicle models. “In this sense, we hope that JAC Volkswagen will be established as a completely new joint venture model under that new time background.” that responsible person stressed.

Cooperation will bring All-round Promotion

It is known that the first product of JAC Volkswagen will be on the basis of JAC platform, while the upper body will be developed with Volkswagen together, both parts have formed 30-person team, and the first batch products will be realized in the first quarter next year.

“The upper body of the new product will be changed on the foundation of JAC products, and 78 improvements of all the functional performances have been made, including the brake performance, noise performance and vibration performance. Besides, Volkswagen has sent experts to tease all the manufacturing and quality problems, and now all the problems have been solved. ”

In the industry insiders ’view, the first product will not only solve the problems of the product itself, but also improve JAC products management level and technology level, which means the knowledge will not only be applied in the electric vehicles, but also in all JAC products, thus lift JAC manufacturing management and control standard to Volkswagen level.

Except for the cooperation with Volkswagen, the cooperation between JAC and Nextev Company has also received public attention, because it has opened the cooperation precedent of traditional automobile enterprise and internet automobile company. “The cooperation with Nextev Company has realized substantial progress, and there is one plant under the construction with the equipment under installment, and it is expected that all the equipment will be adjusted in December. While JAC has sent about 70 staffs, half of them are operators, and the other half are quality control staffs. ”JAC supervisors unveiled.

It is learnt that in the future, JAC and Nextev Company will launch all-aluminum body products.” All-aluminum body is the future oriented, from the customers’ view, the biggest advantages of all aluminum body is light weight, which is one third lighter than the steel body. In fact, this cooperation is not only the cooperation of all aluminum technologies, but also the cooperation of advanced manufacturing technologies. Nextev Company uses the global internet thinking model to choose the world leading, fashion fields, while through the cooperation, JAC has spanned to the advanced manufacturing trend, mastering the new materials, new technologies, and new progress, which is the achievements resulted from the cooperation with Nextev Company, and reflects the progress of the fastest speed.” JAC supervisors said. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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