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FAW Jiefang Launches Its ‘All-weather’ J6 Heavy-duty Truck across China

Date:2017-12-04 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In the first ten months of 2017, Jiefang medium-and-heavy truck sales reached 239,500 units with a market share of 20.6 percent. It is expected to continue to increase and could soon exceed 300,000 by the end of the year.

FAW Jiefang Launches Its ‘All-weather’ J6 Heavy-duty Truck across China

Why Jiefang medium-and-heavy duty truck is so popular? Maybe we can find out the answer at the launching ceremony of All-weather J6, which was held under the theme of “Made with intelligence in China, got ahead in all weather” on 29 Nov, 2017 in Chengdu.

Ten years ago, J6 was launched for the first time and today its sales have reached over 700,000 units, setting the highest record in the history. Before J6 all-weather version was announced, J6 plateau version, J6 North Edition and J6 South Edition has been launched one after another in the year to address specialized customer requirements in various regions.

As it does, J6 all-weather version is also designed to address the unique requirements of users in considering the striking climate change in South North goods transportation. More importantly, it is built on J6 pilot version with some additional human-based design to meet users’ requirements for comfort and fuel economy.

To reduce fuel consumption, J6 all-weather version has its air conditioning and heating system powered by an independent accumulator, not only cutting transport costs but also improving operation efficiency.

FAW Jiefang Launches Its ‘All-weather’ J6 Heavy-duty Truck across China

In terms of power, it is fitted with an 11L CA6DM2 engine with the most advanced overhead camshaft and four-valve structure to provide adequate air for complete combustion. The Automotive Electronic Control Unit Calibrations technology adopted allows for 2L/100 km less fuel consumption than its competitors.

In terms of comfort, J6 all-weather version features an all-in-one heated and ventilated seat that brings a sharp drop in temperature in hot weather while in cold weather it automatically turns the heat up to 28℃ in only four minutes, providing the best driving experience.

In terms of reliability, J6 all-weather version was extending the oil change interval to 100,000 km for axles and housings assembly, and free-maintenance range to 500,000 km for Conmet hub bearing. Furthermore, the EATON clutch, Germany VOSS connector and free-maintenance battery contributes their part to high performance and prolonged service life.

In terms of safety, the cab of J6 all-weather version is made of stainless steel with a thickness of up to 1mm, the thickest in China. With FCB braking system for the engine, standard imported ABS and valves and optional hydraulic retarder, the braking distance was reduced, and as a result, the vehicle safety gets improved greatly.

To be sure, the launched J6 all-weather version is exactly a truck for various extreme environmental conditions and terrain in all weather. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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