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200 Units! Dongfeng KR Express Delivery Trucks Selected by Key Customers

Date:2017-12-05 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In facing with the robust online shopping in China, Dongfeng launches a 12m KR KX9V for express delivery and in-bound logistic to fit into the industry regulation and demand. Recently, a logistics company made 200 units one time purchase for Dongfeng KX9V.

200 Units! Dongfeng KR Express Delivery Trucks Selected by Key Customers

Being compared to the traditional model such as three-axle 9.6m and two-axle 7.7m range, Dongfeng KR KX9V is highlighted by two axle, 12 m or 9.7m and pays more attention to improvement on transport efficiency and reductions in transport costs.

As most of the goods in express delivery are light goods, their required box capacity are large and timelessness is high. The traditional 4X2 variant only has a volume of 42m³,While Dongfeng KR KX9V boasts a volume-capacity of up to 62 m³, which compares roughly to that of three-axle cargo truck.

Dongfeng KR KX9V is able to load more and travel faster with an excellent power solution to high speed, including Cummins ISB, Shan FAST 8-speed transmission, and Dongfeng DANA small speed ratio rear axle.

Apart from its heavy load and high speed, KX9V also delivers an excellent stable performance. Based on Dongfeng KR platform with over 10 years history, KX9V’s whole vehicle performance is being highly spoken by public in cargo truck industry.

Furthermore, KX9V makes update to vehicle in safety and uses plus energy absorbing cab to further protect the occupants’ safety.

Dongfeng KR KX9V achieves nearly the same loads as a three-axle 9.6m cargo truck but costs far less in terms of purchasing and maintenance. As compared to a two-axle 7.5m cargo truck, it may be a little expensive but loads 48% more with a box capacity up to 63m³.

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