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Baidu Partners with FAW to Launch Driver Fatigue Monitor System in 2018

Date:2017-12-07 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

The Fourth World Internet Conference opened in Wuzhen during December 3-5. As the world's largest high-profile network conference, it gets together a number of internet tycoons to make exchange about the advanced technology and products emerging in the fields such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. According to chairman and CEO Robin Li, intelligent drive will come to the top priority in Baidu’s future layout, and in the coming 2018, they will partners with FAW to launch driver fatigue monitor system, as he hope that “drivers will not lose their lives before they lose their jobs.”

Baidu Partners with FAW to Launch Driver Fatigue Monitor System in 2018

Apart from that, Robin Li also reveals that there are more applications for Artificial Intelligence such as freshness keeping in the supermarket. However, these are applications that can’t be achieved by Baidu alone, so the world as a whole and enterprises should unit and join the program. In such a spirit, Baidu is set to constantly opening various platforms, including the Apollo plan developed for auto industry and call for a variety of partners, including operators, auto service manufacturers, OEMs, component manufacturers, chip makers to work on Apollo plan and commercialize the self-driving initiative. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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