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Yinlong Launches Electric Truck with Driving Range of 500 km

Date:2018-01-05 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, Yinlong electric truck, which is specially targeted at the logistic service market, grabbed wide media and public attention.

Measuring 5,990mm in length, 2,040mm in width, and 2,740mm in height, Yinlong electric truck weighs only 2.7 tons, about 700 kg lighter than its counterparts. Despite its lower body weight, it is able to load a maximum weight of 1.7 tons.

Yinlong Launches Electric Truck with Driving Range of 500 km

Unlike its counterparts, Yinlong electric truck has had its container seamlessly integrated with its head. With its body more streamlined, it exudes highly visible presence of advanced technologies in every detail. Customers can also get involved in the design of the vehicle by painting it in their favorite colors.

With just two readily adjustable seats for the driver and one passenger, the truck offers more spacious room for both. In addition, it is equipped with a special instrument panel, electronically controlled windows and reversing radar. On its front wind shield glass, an electronically controlled windshield wiper and a special cleaning device can also be found.

Yinlong Launches Electric Truck with Driving Range of 500 km

The container mounted on Yinlong electric truck measures 4.1 meters in length, 1.9 meters in width and 1.8 meters in height. Completely made of aluminum, the container has contributed immensely to reducing the overall weight of the vehicle.

The batteries lie at the two sides of the vehicle between the front and rear wheels. With its battery units reaching 140Ah in capacity and 377.4V in voltage, Yinlong is able to drive 500 km continuously. When its power is getting low, the vehicle can be recharged in both fast manner with direct current or in slow manner.

Urban logistic service, though only responsible for the last mile transportation, also sets extremely high standards for vehicles. With its formidable strengths in batteries, electric motors, and transmission for electric vehicles, Yinlong has greatly improved the overall performance of its electric truck with its speed reaching 105 km/h.

Exempt from purchase tax, Yinlong electric truck has also helped its customers further cut their costs. After its debut, China’s on-line retailer giant, Jingdong (JD) has already made several batches of large purchases.

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