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Qingling EVK100 Runs 240km After Getting a Full Charge in Two Hours

Date:2018-01-10 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

With higher emission standards are being set, the public profile of pure electric vehicles has risen to unprecedented heights. On 22 December, 2017, Qingling EVK100 pure electric light truck, together with other family members, was brought to display at the annual business meeting and arouse much public attention. Next, we will take a close look at it.

Qingling EVK 100 Runs 240km on a Full Charge in Just 2 hours

Qingling EVK100 pure electric truck offers you the same cab as 600P, and the classic front face from ISUZU. Its irregular head lights with black line on the edge, together with frog lights, give people a great sense of visual perception. Qingling EVK100 looks the same as 600P in appearance but different in logo, the first one adopts the logo of “ISUZU” while the later one uses “Qingling”.

Qingling EVK 100 Runs 240km on a Full Charge in Just 2 hours

Qingling EVK100 is becoming even more popular with short-distance inter-city delivery because its body is narrower and more flexible than wide-body light truck. The dimension for the truck is 995×2110×3100mm with a wheelbase of 3360mm, curb weight is 3.1t and allows for max. load of 4.5t.

When we speak to the interiors, it is still worth mentioning that the air conditioning system was operated through sliding the control lever to left or right. Except that, we see no change in central console, front panel, instrument panel, and even the gearshift as compared to 600P.

Qingling EVK100 was powered by the popular lithium iron phosphate battery of high safety, high performance, large capacity and light weight.

The truck is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a driving motor with max power of 10kw. With a battery capacity of 81kw, the truck can travel as far as 240 km after getting a full charge in just two hours. It is sufficient to address the needs for short-distance delivery between cities.

The rear axle was designed in multi-leaf way with an axle speed ratio of 6.142. Qingling EVK100 is also equipped with 7.00R16 vacuum steel wire tire and Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) which considerably improve the vehicle safety when travelling. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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