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Chinatrucks.com Finds FAW Jiefang Parts for Customer from Trinidad and Tobago

Date:2018-07-19 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

As we all know, Chinatrucks.com has been an online platform for customers looking for Chinese brand trucks and parts. As an editor of www.chinatrucks.com, I have a chance to talk with customers around the world every day. On June 14, 2018, we were honored to have a customer from Trinidad and Tobago looking for parts for his beloved FAW Jiefang truck. Upon receiving, we told FAW Jiefang all about customer’s request, after that they worked closely with FAW Hongta Yunnan factory, delivering the correct parts to Carol Thomas’ hand today.

The customer, Carol Thomas, said the parts (clutch release bearing) is for a truck owned by her brother. The truck was purchased from Trinidad, West Indies in 2004 and has been with them for 14 years. It is mainly used for transport of furniture, plants and equipment and almost nothing wrong happens for years of operation. Right now the clutch release bearing needs be replaced and they are looking for Chinatrucks.com to find ways in improting parts directly.

The following are the model of the truck, parts info and picture.

Vehicle Model: FAW 3 ton RHD Open Tray Truck; VIN: Chassis Number LFWJ49A904TA26250;

Purchased from: AM Marketing, Trinidad, West Indies; Year: 2004

Engine Number: CA49801036126; Parts Name: Clutch release bearing

Part no. 62rct3503; Vehicle Picture:

Chinatrucks.com Finds FAW Jiefang Parts for Customer from Trinidad and Tobago

China trucks passed on the request to FAW Jiefang headquarter, they respond rapidly and find out the vehicle is produced by its subsidiary, FAW Hongta Yunnan Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Hereafter referred as FAW Hongta Yunnan)Chinatrucks.com Finds FAW Jiefang Parts for Customer from Trinidad and Tobago

According to the vehicle's information provided by Carol Thomas, FAW Hongta Yunnan check their history files of 2004, and contact the transmission supplier, but transmission supplier told them this transmission has been out of stock for a long time. Fortunately, they found another identical clutch release bearing (Part No. 62RCT3503) from the warehouse after 2 days of continued efforts, it is a brand new one.Chinatrucks.com Finds FAW Jiefang Parts for Customer from Trinidad and Tobago

To thank Carol Thomas and her brother’s trust and favor for FAW's truck, they offered the parts free of charge and sent directly from China to Trinidad and Tobago. Carol Thomas was delighted when the parts arrived and thanked FAW Jiefang and chinatrucks for the great effort they made to locate the parts for them.

Chinatrucks.com Finds FAW Jiefang Parts for Customer from Trinidad and Tobago

FAW Group Corporation, Founded in 1953 and headquartered in China's northeast Jilin Province, is China's oldest and one of the largest auto manufacturers. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of FAW, today, FAW Jiefang has evolved into a global vehicle producer, with sales of complete vehicles (CBUs) and CKD/SKD vehicle kits to over 80 countries around the world. Supporting the company's rapidly expanding international sales, FAW Jiefang trucks are also manufactured at overseas production facilities in Pakistan, Iran, South Africa, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam. Of all the FAW models exported, J6,Tiger V,J5K,Han V remain among the most popular ones for overseas customers because they are of very high quality and reliability.

In the newly released brand value list, FAW Jiefang ranked first among China's commercial vehicle makers with its brand value totalling over 60.7 billion yuan. Besides, the company’s domestic sales of heavy and medium duty trucks in the first half year reached 169,000 units, up by 2 percent year on year and accounting for 21.7% of total market share.

Chinatrucks.com is always pleased at your service for any inquiry about trucks and parts. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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