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Popular Construction Vehicles Recommended for 2019

Date:2019-03-07 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

CNHTC HOWO T5G LNG engineering vehicle: HOWO enjoys a solid reputation in the engineering market. HOWO T5G LNG engineering vehicle is particularly targeted at the high-end market. Equipped with MT13 natural gas engine and HW19712 12-speed transmission gearbox and a hub reduction axle with a speed ratio of 5.45, the vehicle delivers impressively powerful performances.

Star Engineering Vehicles Recommended for 2019

In addition, its natural gas tank boasts a volume of 450 L, which is able to fully meet the energy requirement of the vehicle in various working conditions. The biggest highlight of the vehicle is its high energy efficiency. After driving 100 kilometers, it only consumes 20.65 kg natural gas. Thus, it won Fuel Economy Champion in 2018.

SAIC Hongyan Jieshi C500 Intelligent engineering vehicle: the vehicle is highly recognizable in the market. Delivering impressively powerful performances and boasting a competitive loading capacity, the vehicle also achieves higher intelligence. More specifically, its highest driving speed, its operation time, its operation venues, its drivers and operation routes can all be pre-set.

Star Engineering Vehicles Recommended for 2019

Equipped with COSEL engine (both 9 liters and 11 liters available) and FAST 12-speed transmission gearbox, the truck achieves National V Emission Standards. Its H8B rear axle has a speed ratio of 5.214. The truck is able to load 16 tons of goods.

BYD T10ZT electric truck for transporting urban construction wastes: the vehicle is equipped with BYD lithium iron phosphate batteries with a total amount of 435 kWh of electricity. It is able to drive 280 kilometers continuously, fully meeting daily operation demands in urban areas. In addition, the truck can be fully recharged in just 90 minutes.

Star Engineering Vehicles Recommended for 2019

Another highlight of the vehicle is that it is mounted with a power battery heat management system, which ensures the batteries all perform their best in different working conditions. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system, which is able to provide real-time monitoring and prevent improper operations made by truck drivers.

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