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Foton EST-M Series Trucks Make Their Debut in Philippines

Date:2019-04-11 Author:Will Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In 2018, Foton successfully made its way to the Top Ten Vehicle Brands and Top Three Truck Brands in Philippines.

Foton EST-M Series Trucks Make Their Debut in Philippines

From April 4 to 7 this year, 2019 Manila International Automobile Exhibition, the most influential auto show in Philippines, was held in Manila. UAAGI, Foton’s exclusive sales agent in Philippine, brought EST-M series trucks on display. At the same time, it officially launched a brand promotion program themed with Blue Energy Euro IV.

Foton EST-M series trucks include platform trailers, self-dumping trucks, wingspan vans, ETX-C self-dumping trucks, GTL mixers, light trucks mini-trucks, and passenger vehicles. With their impressive power performances, higher reliability and eye-catching appearance, all these vehicles have attracted a number of local customers. J&T, a well known truck operator in Philippines, placed its first order on Foton.

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