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Chairman Wang Min of XCMG visited China Construction Machinery Association

Date:2019-04-18 Author:Will Source:XCMG

Recently, Wang Min, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG and Lu Chuan, President and Deputy Party Secretary of XCMG Machinery visited China Construction Machinery Association (Hereinafter referred to as the Association) and received warm reception by Chairman Qi Jun and Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General Su Zimeng.

Chairman Wang Min of XCMG visited China Construction Machinery Association

The Association plays a role of a bridge and link between the government and enterprises with the mission of providing services for enterprises, the government and customers and promoting the development of China's construction machinery industry. XCMG, as one of the Association's Vice Chairman companies, has provided comprehensive support to all the undertakings of the Association for long, making contribution to the progress and development of the whole industry.

During their meeting, Chairman Qi Jun lauded XCMG as the leading enterprise in the Chinese construction machinery industry with a fine tradition. The company keeps growing stronger and stronger, and has grown into a large enterprise from a small business, under the leadership of the management with Chairman Wang Min as the helmsman. It is now a globally renowned leading construction machinery brand. In terms of gross production, scale, quality, technologies and market share, XCMG is one of the leading enterprises in the industry and plays a significant role in brand building and technological development in the Chinese construction machinery industry.

Chairman Qi Jun also presented a comprehensive analysis of the current economic condition and also the future development trend of the industry, a topic of great interest to XCMG.

Regarding the future development of the industry, he expressed his optimism for the market of this year and next year, based on favorable national policies such as increasing infrastructure investment, implementing environmental protection policies, building a new socialist countryside and deepening the strategy of “going global”. He predicted that due to China IV product replacement, cost absorption and price increase, the industry market sales volume may experience some bumpy adjustment in the first half of 2021 but overall, the industry will continue to maintain a healthy development momentum. Chairman Qi Jun expressed his hope that XCMG will continue to set up an example as the leading enterprise in the industry, for the healthy and quality development of the industry.

Chairman Wang Min expressed his gratitude to the Association, for its long-term support. As a Chinese construction machinery professional who joined XCMG as early as 1972, he has witnessed the growth of China's construction machinery industry for 47 years amidst fierce competition. By pursuing innovation and market-oriented management, China has become a strong player in global construction machinery manufacturing. Twelve out of the top 50 global construction machinery enterprises come from China, a great achievement in the industry to feel deeply proud of.

Chairman Wang Min believes that the coming three years will be a golden period for the industry's development and XCMG will keep in mind President Xi Jinping's instructions to increase investment, strengthen R&D, and accelerate development. XCMG will work hard to occupy the commanding heights and have a voice in technological matters, follow a high quality development path instead of one with fast growth, and try its best to accomplish the goal of ranking among the top three in the global construction machinery industry.

The day Chairman Wang Min and the party visited coincided with the symposium to celebrate the occasion marking 180 days until BICE2019 in the countdown so Chairman Wang Min and the party were invited to tour the conference venue and sign the guest book.

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