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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Visits FOTON Headquarter in Beijing

Date:2019-05-01 Author:Will Source:www.chinatrucks.com

While on a state visit to China, Imran Khan, Pakistani premier paid a special visit to the headquarters of Foton in Beijing. Gong Yueqiong, General Manager of Foton, presented a Foton truck model to premier Imran Khan, warmly welcoming his visit.

Pakistani Premier Visits Foton Headquarter in Beijing

As one of China’s key cooperative partners, Pakistan plays a growing role in the Belt Road Initiative. While attending Belt Road Forum for International Cooperation, Pakistani premier paid a state visit to China to further strengthen the cooperative ties between the two countries.

As he pointed out, Gwadar Port in Pakistan boasts an extremely strategic geographic location and has a huge demand for vehicles for transportation services. He believes that Foton the superb artery route logistic solutions provided by Foton will greatly speed up the flow of goods at the port. Besides, as Pakistan is planning to build 5,000 affordable houses for the less well-off, the premier expressed his hope that Foton would provide engineering vehicles for the construction of the houses.

During his visit to Foton, premier Imran Khan took a closer look at all the vehicles made by Foton and showed keen interest in the development of the commercial vehicle manufacturer. After taking a ride with Auman super heavy-duty truck, AUV fuel cell bus, he spoke highly of their technological ingenuity and their unparalleled travel comforts.

Pakistani Premier Visits Foton Headquarter in Beijing

On the same day, premier Imran Khan was shown the major new energy vehicles developed by Foton and was briefed by Foton engineers on how to low the operation costs and improve operation efficiency of these vehicles.

“China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has created great investment opportunities. Foton can definitely play a more significant role in the logistic sector, further promoting the flow of goods in the region,” said the premier.

Pakistan is one of Foton’s key markets in Central and South Asia. The visit of premier Imran Khan fully demonstrates the country’s full recognition of Foton in the global commercial market. With a solid presence in the country, Foton is set to further boost the industrial upgrading and development in Pakistan.

In 2002, Foton built its first factory in Pakistan. So far, it has established 36 distributors and 55 service stations in the country. In 2016, 425 units Foton pickups were delivered to the Police Agency in Pakistan; Foton trucks also were actively involved in the construction of KKH and Gwadar Port. So far, the number of Foton vehicles in operation has reached 14,882 units in Pakistan.

With a thorough knowledge of the local market, Foton has been constantly optimizing its product line and strengthening its overall competitiveness in the global market. Thanks to its localized and advanced corporate management and well-connected service networks, Foton has been gaining a increasing popularity among customers across the globe.

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