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Cummins Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

Date:2019-06-12 Author:Will Source:www.chinabuses.org

Recently, a number of activities themed with “Challenge the Impossible” were held to mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Cummins. For over a century, Cummins has successfully maintained a leading position in the cutthroat competition in the global engine market. For more than a hundred years, its commitment to its customers, its vision for its development and business philosophy have all contributed immensely to its huge commercial success. Currently, Cummins boasts 550 distributors and over 5,000 sales agents across the globe. In addition, it has established its presence in over 160 countries and regions.

At this new threshold, Chinabuses.org paid a special visit to Columbus, Indiana State, where the headquarter of Cummins is based. Tom Linebarger, president & CEO of Cummins, told us the company has made such impressive achievements thanks to its constant innovations, highly competent employees, a ready willingness for cooperation and an unchanging commitment to high quality.

“Unlike other players in the market, we have always been giving top priority to sustainable development. Throughout our development history, we have always been committed to our employees, our customers and our community,” said Rich Freeland, COO of Cummins, took our interview, sharing with us the company’s history and future plans.

With depleting resources, Cummins has been constantly diversifying its product line, rolling out a number of power solutions for commercial vehicles, ranging from much greener diesel-, natural gas, alternative energy-powered engines to internet-connected and autonomous driving technologies.

As the first engine maker from the west to enter China, Cummins has long established a solid reputation in Chinese market, boasting 16 joint ventures with over 10,000 employees and an enviable pool of loyal customers across the nation. Dongfeng Cummins, as a joint venture established 23 years ago, fully demonstrates how a win-win situation can be achieved through cooperation. “We value every single cooperative partner we have in China and we are committed to help them create more values,” said Rich Freeland.

In the face of constantly changing economic conditions and the advent of new energy vehicles, Cummins believes that providing high quality products to its customers and deepening its cooperation with its business partners are essential to secure its commercial success in the future. “We are transitioning from just an engine maker to a power solution provider, giving our customers greener and more price-competitive options,” said Tom Linebarger. “In China, we have a wide range of engines available with National VI Emission Standards,” he added.

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