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XCMG Stands Out with Advanced Xrea Platform

Date:2019-07-03 Author:Will Source:XCMG

In the age of automation and digitalization, the manufacturing industry has inevitably evolved to become more intelligent and data-driven. Since the term “Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)” has coined by the industry, XCMG has been dedicating to create a network that weaves the future of XCMG, reimagining a future where we can connect equipment through the Internet of Things. We present to you the first national industrial Internet platform in China - XCMG Xrea.

XCMG Stands Out with Advanced  Xrea Platform

In the speech delivered by Wang Min, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG at the 2nd Digital China Summit in Fuzhou, it has been stated that “the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) holds a crucial position in the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.” The subsidiary of XCMG Group which created XCMG Xrea, Jiangsu XCMG Information Technology Co., Ltd. has four pillars that fuels this revolutionary transformation. The first pillar is to provide intelligent and well-rounded heavy machinery solutions, aiding nationwide infrastructure projects with smart construction solutions suggested and supplied by XCMG, creating a newly discovered demand for smart equipment.

The second pillar is the creation and the implementation of a new service model for customers, building a cloud service, a one-stop smart supply chain management platform with XCMG Xrea, to infinitely improve the after-sales service. The third pillar is focusing on the operating state, efficiency, energy consumption optimization on equipment, and prolonging lifespans of components with big data. Not only the application of Xrea can benefit the production cost of customers’ construction projects, but it can also provide astute insights for each intricate project globally according to the Xrea database.

XCMG Stands Out with Advanced  Xrea Platform

The fourth and the final pillar manifests in the innovation itself, XCMG’s revolutionary shift to the digital future is a beacon for manufactory industry, laying the groundwork for an automated future that benefits the industry and customers from around the globe, making this trendy school of thought into a reality that could shape the future.

According to Zhang Qiliang, General Manager of Jiangsu XCMG Information Technology, XCMG Xrea galvanizes enterprise digital transformation on three pivotal levels, including enterprise, production line level, and equipment level. Xrea balances enterprise process frameworks with priority optimization, assisting management, research, and development, operating cost inadequacies with a one-stop platform that tackles the stages of manufacturing, supply chain management, equipment analysis, after-sale service. On production line level and equipment level, Xrea stabilizes the quality and durability of products with its plethora of data, informing the creation of each equipment to be at its prime.

XCMG Xrea Industrial Internet Platform currently has more than 680,000 connected devices, and the platform manages high-value equipment assets of more than 550 billion yuan. Now, it has covered more than 20 countries along the Belt and Road regions and stationing more than 20,000 devices. Also, XCMG Xrea is deeply rooted in 63 industries and serves 640,000 users.

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