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Yuchai Successfully Develops e-CVT Hybrid System

Date:2019-07-23 Author:Will Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On May 28, Yuchai officially revealed its new fist product, e-CVT hybrid power solution for commercial vehicles, marking a new milestone for Yuchai in its transition from an engine maker to a supplier of power solutions.

With highly integrated structure, Yuchai e-CVT hybrid power solution is able to cut fuel consumption by 65% year on year, becoming the most fuel efficient hybrid power solution in the market for commercial vehicles.

Thanks to the introduction of high-speed permanent synchronous electric motor, Yuchai e-CVT hybrid power solution can reach a rotation speed of 15,000 rpm, the fastest in the market. In addition, with a smaller size and light weight, it is highly adaptable in the market.

According to Yuchai, e-CVT hybrid power solution can be used for electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, PTO, logistic trucks, special vehicles.

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