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Triel-HT Uses Allison Fully Automatic Transmissions in Airport Fire Trucks

Date:2019-08-16 Author:Daisy Source:Allison

Faster acceleration, better vehicle control and ease of integration are among the reasons Triel-HT chooses Allison fully automatic transmissions in firefighting vehicles it builds for airports and fire corps.

Triel-HT Uses Allison Fully Automatic Transmissions in Airport Fire Trucks

More than 120 Allison-equipped Scania trucks have received equipment manufactured or adapted by the company. According to Triel-HT executive Claudio Vicentini, nine different Scania chassis have already been adapted for airport firefighting, industrial firefighting, civil defense and special explosives transport.

“The automatic transmissions are preferred due to usage convenience, riding performance, maneuvering agility, and also the ease of gearbox integration with the necessary implements and electronic controllers for the fire truck,” said Vincentini.

The vehicles equipped with Allison automatics comply with international standards for extreme performance and work in harmony with implements, Vincentini said. Allison automatics accelerate up to 35 percent faster than manual- or automated manual transmissions (AMTs).

Triel-HT Uses Allison Fully Automatic Transmissions in Airport Fire Trucks

Among Scania chassis transformed by Triel-HT are models, P250, P310, P360 FF, P440 FF and G580. These trucks are already present in more than 70 airports and air bases throughout Brazil, including remote units in Manicore and Fonte Boa in Amazonas, the Alcântara Air Base in Maranhão, and the recently renovated Viracopos airport in Campinas, state of Sao Paulo.

In addition to the 120 already delivered, another 12 Scania units with Allison automatics are now in the final stage of preparation—part of a significant investment program for airport vehicles. Five of them are for Infraero. Another four units have been ordered by the Department of Civil Aviation and will be sent to the airports of Comandatuba (BA), Barreirinhas (MA), Pato Branco (PR) and Patos, in Piauí. Two units are for the Fire Corps of Maringá, State of Paraná in the south of the country, and another unit is for an explosives transportation application in Peru.

The trucks receive equipment that can vary from special clothing, reptile pick-up accessories, pumps for water launch with high flow capacity, and liquid foam generator and dispensing equipment (LGE).

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