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Dongfeng Sold 122,400 Units Medium- and Heavy-duty Trucks from January to August

Date:2019-09-29 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

According to the latest statistics, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Dongfeng) sold 122,400 units medium- and heavy-duty trucks, up by 4.15% year on year.

Dongfeng Sold 122,400 Units Medium- and Heavy-duty Trucks from January to August

In 2018, Dongfeng’s sales volume of medium- and heavy-duty trucks reached 171,000 units, ranking the first place in China. In addition, its market share went up to 13%.

In 1975, Dongfeng rolled out its first unit SUV, EQ240. In 1978, the truck maker assembled a five-ton truck, EQ140. In 1990, it successfully developed an eight-ton truck, EQ153.

Entering the 21st century, Dongfeng made several major breakthroughs. In 2004, its annual production volume exceeded 200,000 units for the first time in history; in 2006, Dongfeng Tianlong, a brand new heavy-duty truck, made its debut; in 2008, Dongfeng Tianjin, a brand new medium truck, officially hit the market; in 2013, Dongfeng Tianlong flagship heavy-duty truck, was revealed to the public; in 2019, the new generation of Tianjin KR and Tianlong KL are available on the commercial market.

To meet the growing demand for electric vehicles, Dongfeng developed an 18-ton electric chassis for sanitation trucks in 2018, ushering a brand new era for Dongfeng. In early half this year, nearly 600 units Dongfeng electric chassis were ordered by customers.

According to Zhang Heng, Deputy Director of Electric Control Development Department of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technological Center, Dongfeng electric sanitation trucks are now available in the market and they fully meet the short-distance operation requirements. “They account for 46% of the China’s electric sanitation truck market,” revealed Jiang Xuefeng, a chief-engineer from Dongfeng.

Also in May this year, three units autonomous driving Dongfeng Tianlong KL trucks successfully passed an open trial operation. By taking full advantage of 5G and internet of vehicles technologies, Dongfeng autonomous driving trucks are set to revolutionize the transportation in various closed and semi-closed truck operation contexts. Currently, related trial operation tests are carried out extensively in Wuhan, Changsha and Tianjin, etc.

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