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BYD Delivers 9 Electric Waste Trucks to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Date:2019-10-09 Author:Daisy Source:BYD

BYD Brasil is proud to announce the successful delivery of nine BYD T8 electric trucks to Rio de Janeiro's Municipal Urban Cleaning Company – Comlurb on 25th September.

BYD Delivers 9 Electric Waste Trucks to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The trucks will be used for waste collection in one of Brazil's largest metropolitan areas. Two more deliveries will take place by the end of next year, expanding what is now BYD's largest fleet of electric trucks outside of China. Over the next six months, an additional six units will be delivered to Comlurb, with another five scheduled for delivery by the end of 2020.

The delivery ceremony was attended by the Mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo Crivella; the President of Comlurb, Paulo Mangueira; the Senior Vice President of BYD Company Limited, Stella Li; the President of BYD Brazil, Tyler Li; the Sales Director of BYD Brazil, Carlos Roma and the Marketing Director of BYD Brazil, Adalberto Maluf.

BYD Delivers 9 Electric Waste Trucks to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Speaking at the event, Ms. Li praised Rio de Janeiro's initiative to address its environmental challenges. "I congratulate the city for having the first operating fleet of e-trucks in a large city outside of China," she said, ”we are very proud of this important delivery which demonstrates that both Comlurb and BYD are willing to make contributions to reducing emissions and improving air quality.”With a storage capacity of 15 cubic meters, the trucks were previously tested and approved for urban waste collection. Their low noise levels make the trucks ideal for night routes in residential areas, while their zero emissions capability creates a healthier living environment for the city's residents and better working conditions for the garbage collectors who will no longer inhale toxic fumes released by a traditional diesel truck.Unlike its competitors, BYD's T8 electric trucks are equipped with regenerative brakes that generate power for the battery when travelling downhill.In addition, the battery is capable of powering an e-truck for up to 200 kilometers on a single charge, a range that is approximately equivalent to eight hours of operation under normal traffic conditions. The operational cost of an electric truck is only about a quarter of that of a diesel truck.BYD is present in over 300 cities in more than 50 countries. In Latin America, these include Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and Uruguay.

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