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Hongyan E-series Powered Intelligent Trucks Put into Operation in Shanghai

Date:2019-11-07 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In Shanghai Yangshan deepwater port, the first commercial application of the 5G+autonomous heavy-duty truck project was officially launched after completing a 72 kilometers of autonomous travelling. The project is thought to be the world’s first and has attracted global attention.

SAIC E-series Powered Intelligent Trucks Put into Operation in Shanghai

Over the past half year, 5 units of SAIC Hongyan unmanned trucks have travelled 200,000 kilometers on all kinds of road conditions with no accidents and passed 129 functional tests, 39 performance tests in order to deliver on time. The unmanned heavy trucks will be mainly used for the container transport, covering Donghai Bridge, Yangshan Port and its logistics park, to help relieve pressure on transport in Yangshan Port.

Zhou Chongyi, deputy chief engineer of SAIC Group's commercial vehicle division, said: "Intelligent driving aims to de-humanize, that is, allow computer to replace humans for operating the throttle and applying brake." Through intelligent driving, the safe travelling distance between heavy trucks is expected to be shortened to 10 meters, which will greatly improve traffic efficiency. In order to do so, the engine is also required to adopt intelligent electronic control technology in addition to accurate and reliable computer and sensing.

Intelligent Heavy-duty trucks (IHDT) are powered by SAIC power E series engines

The key to autonomous technology lies in the electric control of components. SAIC Hongyan sets high standard for the intelligent heavy-duty truck production and the engine is also required to have high perfomance. SAIC Hongyan E-series LNG power that meets National Ⅵ emission standard will undoubtly become the first choice of the designer. It uses the word’s advanced ECU technology to identify intelligent commands, in other words, to furnish the engine with a “brain”. As the central controller and heart of the engine management system, ECU controls the core components such as the engine, sensor, electronic throttle, ignition coil, and spark plug to respond to the electronic control command and complete the operation.

SAIC E-series Powered Intelligent Trucks Put into Operation in Shanghai

Aside from the low torque and high horsepower, the SAIC Hongyan E-series LNG engine also allows the the heavy duty trucks to provide high safety, quick acceleration response and low fuel consumption, making it an ideal choice of heavy-duty trucks.

Any products delivering intelligent, efficient and high horsepower performance can not be made without a precision manufacturing process. To improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, a number of automated equipments such as welding robots and cutting robots are widely used in the manufacturing process. By doing so there has been a significant increase in production efficiency, engine reliability, stability and adaptability.

The advanced “Digital Twin” technology is be widedly applied in monitoring the production status. By collecting the data from the production line, the key information are displayed in real time, including material transmission process, usage process, equipment operation status, work efficiency, operation energy consumption, fault information, and part service life. Ultimately, it will provide a digital basis for product development, manufacturing and product iteration, helping to produce high-quality products that combine intelligence and mechanization.

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