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Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Attends 2019 China Int'l Heavy-duty Truck Fair

Date:2019-12-20 Author:Will Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On December 12, 2019 China International Heavy-duty Truck Fair was held in Shanghai. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle brought several truck models on display, including Tianlong KX truck, Tianlong VL heavy-duty truck and two Tianlong KC heavy-duty engineering trucks.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Attends 2019 China Int

Tianlong KX truck chiefly targets the long-distance logistic market. Equipped with lane deviation alarming system, anti-collision alarming system, panoramic view cameras, the vehicle won the championship at a global heavy-duty truck competition held from Jun. 6 to Jun. 16 this year in Peru.

Tianlong VL heavy-duty truck is suitable for the rough roads in some mining areas. Boasting high safety standards, impressive power performances and a competitive loading capacity, the truck is readily adaptable to various working conditions.

The two Tianlong KC heavy-duty engineering trucks are chiefly designed for the transportation market at construction areas.

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