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SHACMAN Heavy-duty Trucks in Smooth Operation in Malaysia

Date:2019-12-24 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Trucks play a central role in the transportation sector in Malaysia. Making its entry just a few years ago, SHACMAN has already established a solid reputation in the local market.

According to Lin Hanrong, Deputy General Manager of a local distributor of trucks and related spare parts, SHACMAN has been maintaining a fast growing momentum in its sales in Malaysia.

“Currently, we have two distributors selling 300-400 units trucks each year in Malaysia with an annual growth rate of 10%. Thanks to the Belt Road Initiative, there has been a fast growing demand for our products,” revealed Du Weiqiang, General Manager of SHACMAN Malaysia Officie.

Apart from Malaysia, SHACMAN has already made its presence in over 90 countries and regions across the world. In Kazakhstan and Ethiopia, it has already established its own factories.

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