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JAC Wins Awards at the 12th China International Energy Conservation Competition

Date:2019-12-27 Author:Sarah Source:JAC

The awards ceremony of the 12th China International Energy Conservation Competition was held in Beijing recently. Three models of JAC light truck including Shuailing All-round Express Version, Kangling J6 and Junling V5 returned home with good reputation and won the title of "fuel-saving champion" in their respective groups.

JAC Wins Awards at the 12th China International Energy Conservation Competition

The Shuailing all-round truck that participated in this competition was equipped with Greenjet engines independently developed by JAC, which was a new power developed jointly by JAC and Bosch of German, Ricardo of Britain and other world-renowned companies. Eight advanced technologies such as four cylinder inline, high pressure common rail, turbo charge, timing chain + gear drive, SCR post-processing, etc., have significant fuel-saving effects.

The new Kangling J6 model is mainly targeted at users of short and medium distance express delivery and urban distribution services. The vehicle is equipped with Yunnei D25 power, which has stronger power and faster speed.

JAC Wins Awards at the 12th China International Energy Conservation Competition

It is worth mentioning that this engine uses single-cylinder 4-valve technology, which effectively improves the efficiency of intake and exhaust, while also greatly improving fuel efficiency, which can save fuel by 8% -10% compared to competing products.

The T28 power applied to the Junling V series is superior in starting, speeding up and explosive power. It is equipped with a noise-reducible chain drive system, so that the driver can get a smoother and more comfortable experience during driving. It adopts new designs such as double overhead camshafts and single cylinder four valves, which are more conducive to the intake and exhaust efficiency of the engine at high speeds, thereby improving fuel consumption and engine performance.

At this energy-saving competition, three members of JAC light trucks will be awarded the title of Triple Crown, which fully affirms the fuel-saving technology of JAC. In the future, JAC will continue to devote itself to the development of highly efficient and fuel-efficient products, and contribute to the energy-saving and emission-reduction cause of the automotive industry.

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