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The New MAN Truck Generation: The Right Truck for Any Application

Date:2020-02-14 Author:Linda Source:MAN

In developing its new generation of trucks, MAN consistently focused on the drivers and their transport task. The result is a product portfolio that optimally fulfils every transport task.

The New MAN Truck Generation: The Right Truck for Any Application

Every transport task has its specific challenges. A truck in international long-haul transport must offer not only high fuel efficiency and ergonomic operating logic for relaxed and fatigue-free driving, but also provide a suitable concept for resting and the sleep area. This enables drivers to regenerate optimally during breaks, because only when they are fully rested can they retain concentration to steer their truck through traffic in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Assistance systems, such as semi-automated driving in traffic jams or the turn assist feature, provide additional support. Safety is key for operators not only in long-haul operations, on construction sites and in distribution networks. Good visibility and optimum display of important driving information are essential in urban driving situations and on tight construction sites or when manoeuvring around tricky delivery locations. The ergonomics of frequently entering and exiting the cab, as is part of the daily work routine in urban distribution transport or when operating municipal services, is another key aspect. It is also important to choose the right body for the transport task at hand, for which the vehicle chassis must offer the optimum technical and electronic interfaces – whether it be a three-way tipper, a roll-off skip loader, a refrigerated body, a refuse collector vehicle or a timber transporter. Not least, appropriate driveline design is key in ensuring that the driver and vehicle can handle the transport task efficiently and in accordance with the assignment. So as to offer the optimum solution every time, MAN has designed its new product range in modular form to meet the diverse requirements of the different transport sectors and tasks faced.

The New MAN Truck Generation: The Right Truck for Any Application

Varied product portfolio: The right truck for any task

Retaining what is tried and tested, and making it even better where appropriate, is the core thinking behind MAN's new generation of trucks based on the familiar model series line-up: Long-haul and heavy-duty transport jobs are still covered by the new MAN TGX models, recognisable by their wide, long and high cabs. As before, the new MAN TGX features a choice of three engine series offering a range of power outputs: the top-of-the-range MAN D38 developing up to 640 hp; the mid-range MAN D26 from 430 hp to 510 hp; or for light long-haul transport the MAN D15 from 330 to 400 hp. Alongside classic 4x2 and 6x2 semi-trailer tractors and chassis units, the 6x4 and 8x4 variants are also still available for the TGX, as they are a popular choice for heavy-duty transport operations for example. The 4x2 semi-trailer tractor can optionally be ordered with MAN HydroDrive, the hydrostatic front-axle drive providing additional traction on unpaved surfaces. With this diversity of options, the MAN TGX covers a range from 18 to 41 tonnes gross vehicle weight. For heavy-duty applications, a 250 tonne gross train weight is possible.

The new MAN TGS is targeted as before on the heavy-duty construction vehicle, distribution and municipal services sectors. This model series is characterised by narrow cabs, because in typical applications both low unladen weight and good visibility are key. In terms of power units, MAN offers the TGS with the D26 or D15 engine, covering a broad power range from 330 to 510 hp. The wide range of variants also makes the MAN TGS the king among the lions when it comes to drive configurations. Whether the 4x2 and 6x2 as semitrailer tractors or chassis units, the classic 6x4, 8x2 and 8x4 for a wide variety of sectors, or the specialist all-wheel drive rigs for rough terrain configured as 4x4, 6x6, 8x6 or 8x8. If the vehicle is mainly driven on paved roads, and additional traction is only occasionally required, MAN HydroDrive can be combined with a 2, 3- or 4-axle MAN TGS. Featuring such a variety of set-ups, the gross vehicle weight of the new MAN TGS ranges from 18 to 41 tonnes.

The light and medium tonnage ranges in the new truck generation are again covered by the MAN TGL and MAN TGM. There is a choice of four new narrow cabs: short, long, high with a bed, and the crew cab. The crew cab is used in the construction industry, by municipal service providers, as well as by emergency services. With its 4-cylinder version of the D08 engine, the new TGL covers a range from 7.5 to 12 tonnes. If that unit's 160 to 220 hp power range is not sufficient, the TGL can also be equipped with the 6-cylinder 250 hp D08 engine. That is also the basic power unit for the MAN TGM range, which extends up to a 320 hp 6-cylinder D08. The tonnage range of the new MAN TGM takes up where the new MAN TGL stops, extending from 12, 15 and 18 tonnes to 26 tonnes gross vehicle weight. While the MAN TGL is available exclusively in 4x2 versions, the MAN TGM also offers 6x2, 6x4 and 4x4 wheel configurations, which makes it attractive not only for medium-heavy overland distribution transport and urban logistics but also for many applications in construction, municipal services and fire-fighting.

The New MAN Truck Generation: The Right Truck for Any Application

New cabs: diversity is key

MAN offers no fewer than eight different cabs with its new truck generation. The most space is provided by the three large-capacity cabs, designated GX, GM and GN.

With their 2.44 metre outer width, the GX and GM are the perfect choice for long-haul international transports. Plenty of space for luggage is provided by the storage compartment in the middle under the bed, the two external storage boxes, which are also accessible from the inside, and the storage compartments and roof stowage units above the windscreen. The GX cab with the highest roof variant provides up to 355 litres of storage space. Thanks to the low-lying transmission tunnel, the GM cab has an above-average headroom of 1.87 metres, while that in the GX is even 2.07 metres. Drivers really enjoy being on the road with the two largest cab variants, which feature outstanding freedom of movement, an airy interior ambience and supreme levels of comfort. Comfortable beds with high-quality slatted frames and effective cab sound insulation ensure optimal relaxation and restful sleep.

The third of the large-capacity cab variants, the GN, offers the same high levels of comfort as in the GM and GX cabs. It merely dispenses with a high roof, which entails clear benefits for specific applications in a variety of different sectors. Examples include the transportation of sensitive loads with silos or oil tanker bodies and semi-trailers. Some body units, such as car transporters, extend over the low cab. Thanks to the low-lying transmission tunnel, the GN cab likewise still offers outstanding freedom of movement with its 1.57 metre headroom. Like the GX and GM versions, the comfortable bed has a high-quality slatted frame to ensure optimal relaxation and restful sleep.

In the construction industry, urban distribution logistics and tanker and silo transportation, optimum visibility and light weight are crucial. Convenient, ergonomic entry and exit when making frequent delivery stops is also very important. MAN developed the new, 2.24 metre narrow cabs for the TGL, TGM and TGS series of the new MAN Truck generation specifically to meet such requirements.

With its 2.24 metre width, the new FM cab meets the requirement for light weight and compact design, but with the identical length and the same high roof as the GM cab it also meets the high demands of living and sleeping comfort. The FM cab is ideal in payload-intensive national long-haul transport operations for example. Like the GM and GX cabs, the FM features exterior storage boxes accessible from the inside as well as numerous storage compartments and roof stowage units above the windscreen.

The new low FN cab is available for applications in which drivers and operators value high standards of comfort, plenty of storage space and a comfortable bed with a high-quality slatted frame for occasional overnight stays, but do not require a high roof.

As before, the new NN cab will be the most frequently chosen variant for the new MAN TGS. Typical applications in the construction industry are for tippers and transport mixers. Despite its compact 1.88 metre length, it still offers sufficient space behind the seats for work clothing and tools. The optional access ladder, featuring a standing platform above the left wheel arch and a grab handle on the roof, allows for safe and convenient monitoring of the cargo space behind the cab. Also typical of the design and very robust, the new medium-height or high chassis cabs feature a three-part steel bumper. The parts can be replaced in sections in the event of major collision damage. The flexibly mounted bottom rungs of the step units, protected by reinforced facings to withstand heavy impact without damage, are a further practical boon.

The new TGL and TGM series include the CC cab with an outer width of 2.24 metres and outer length of 1.62 metres. Despite its compact design, it offer the same high level of ergonomics and user-friendliness as the other cabs available for the new MAN. Drivers in a variety of sectors, including distribution, construction or municipal services, will relish the very low entry height and wide-opening doors.

The crew cab – the longest cab in the new truck generation – primarily offers plenty of space for additional passengers. The new four-door crew cab designated DN provides plenty of space for up to seven people and their equipment on its comfortable four-seater bench and its two or three seats in the front. They can also utilise generous storage facilities, including under the rear seat bench. This makes the crew cab ideally suited for trades, for municipal service providers and for emergency services.

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