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15 LINYU Mixers with Beiben Chassis Delivered to Customer

Date:2020-03-12 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, LINYU took delivery of 15 concrete mixers with Beiben chassis to its customer. Accroding to LINYU, these mixers have used lightweight materials to design and can meet National VI Emission Standards.

The customer is an industry leading concrete mixer operator in Shanxi and has been involved in many great construction projects. When selecting a construction vehicle, the customer primarily focuses on vehicle performances regarding fuel consumption, driving safety, comfort and operational conditions adaptability. Then, what features make LINYU stand out from the competition?

Power upgrade: the mixer is powered by an 8L engine capable of producing 350hp horsepower.

Comfort upgrade: Driver's cabin has been significantly upgraded in space, which greatly improve driver comfort.

Lightweight Upgrade: Light weight materials have been applied to such equipment as WP8 engine, aluminum-alloy transmission, front suspension, split balanced suspension+less leaf spring, as well as aluminum-alloy gas cylinder and wheel rim.

Intelligent upgrade: vehicle monitoring and locating tracking system based on BDS/GSM is designed and implemented to provide functions such as real-time and historical driving trace, electronic fence and lane departure warning.

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