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FAW Jiefang Delivers Two level 2 J7 Tractors to Its Customer

Date:2020-04-07 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, FAW Jiefang handed over two brand new Jiefang J7 tractors to KUN QIAN DAO TONG Logistics in an official handover ceremony in Zhengzhou, Henan province. The senior management team of both parties attended the ceremony.

KUN QIAN DAO TONG Logistics is a road transportation logistics company established in 2015. The trucks they presently owns and operates are all FAW Jiefang Trucks according to the company. Of the trucks they are running, Jiefang J7 trucks consume only 28 to 30 L when they are fully loaded. In addition, there are many other highlights of the 2 additional Jiefang J7 from the handover: 

1. The trucks are specifically equipped with engines that are capable of delivering a maximum power of 550hp and peak torque of 2600N.m

2. 1000L fuel tank: There are two fuel tanks located on both sides of the frame, each with a capacity of 500L. If calculated on an average fuel consumption of 30L/100km basis, it can travel up to 3000 kilometers on a tank of fuel. Accordingly, it provides the left tank with heating function, the diesel filter with pump heating function to make the vehicle start up easily even in winter.

3. The lubricant oil needs to be changed every 100,000 kilometers. For the lubricant oil used in engine and power steering, Jiefang J7 offers a super long-haul change-over cycle of 100,000 kilometers, while for transmission and rear axle, the replacement needs to be done every 200,000 kilometers to improve the operation efficiency.

4. Lightweight design: J7 is built up based on a aluminum alloy operation platform, which is light in weight and easy to operate. In order to reduce the weight of the vehicle body while still maintenancing its strength, lightweight material such as aluminum alloy materials and composite materials are widely used in engine flywheel housing and aluminum alloy rims.

5. The LCD instrument of J7 is not inferior to those of the passenger car and can switch between three modes. The center console not only fit for drivers' habit but also designed exquisitely with humanization.

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