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Hongyan 5G Intelligent Trucks Starts Commercialized Operation

Date:2020-07-20 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Hongyan will put its 5G heavy-duty trucks into mass commercilized operation and set a goal of transporting 20,000 standard containers in 2020. Eearly in 2019, it has conducted the trial run in Shanghai and completed 90000 kilometers of real road test and 5.7 million kilometers of viral bench test in a range of applications from Yangshan Deep Water port, Donghai bridge to Yangshan port of the fourth phase. During the operation, the truck travelled smoothly and cut pollutant discharge by 60 percent as compared to a traditional diesel truck.

Hongyan 5G Intelligent Trucks Starts Commercialized Operation

Since last year, SAIC Hongyan's 5G intelligent heavy trucks had successfully achieved L4-level autonomous driving based on advanced innovative technologies including AI artificial intelligence, Beidou navigation system, 5G, and V2X connected vehilce communication.

With the help of Hongyan’s advanced comprehansive technologies, Yangshan Port is set to be developed into a world-leading intelligent port featuring with AI driving and intelligent logistics.

Hongyan 5G Intelligent Trucks Starts Commercialized Operation

With the world’s first clean energy power system (natural gas engine + 12-speed automatic transmission), its pollutant discharge including Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) has been cut by 60% as compared to traditional diesel-powered heavy trucks.

After the 5G heavy-duty trucks are commercialized this year, SAIC plans to move forward by puting 100 and then 1000 and more trucks into mass operation. By doing so, it aims to contribute more to the intelligent traffic development in Shanghai and across China.

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