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From Product-Driven to Value-Driven, JAC Light Truck Entering the 4.0 Era

Date:2020-09-15 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, China's leading brand of high-end light truck JAC held a media conference in Dunhuang, announced that JAC light truck officially entered the 4.0 era, and invited national media to test drive the latest models of light truck and pickup.

Boutique Light truck Project Leads JAC Light truck 4.0 Era.From January to July this year, overcoming the adverse effects of the pandemic, JAC light trucks accomplishes the cumulative sales of 108,000 vehicles, up 18.1% YoY, 7 percentage points higher than the market. Even more than that this year's growth of JAC light truck mainly stems from the rapid growth of medium and high-end products represented by Ankang Power. Among them, models with Ankang Power engines grew 69% YoY, accounting for 33.3% of light truck sales, up 12% from the same period last year. JAC light truck medium and high-end products increased by 22.3% YoY, accounting for 69.7% of total sales, and the proportion further increased.

JAC light truck has always had a "high quality" and "much better" reputation in the market, and the deepening cooperation between JAC and Volkswagen, and Cummins, further enhance the high-quality advantage of JAC light truck. In product development and manufacturing, JAC has started to comprehensively promote the Boutique Light truck Project.

Basing on JAC integrated R&D system, absorbing the advanced R&D mode of Volkswagen and Cummins, user's full value response and comprehensively bench-marking Isuzu platforms, the Boutique Light truck Project builds a new generation of C6 emission platform with high-strength steel frame and a new generation of cabin. "The new generation of product platforms can expand into market segments based on different usage scenarios and customer needs, create light truck products that are more efficient, stronger, more comfortable and with less fuel consumption, while also being faster and better responsive to market and user needs, and more efficient product development." introduced by Shibahara Kutsuji, who is from Tokyo and with 40 years of work experience in Isuzu, and currently the Director of JAC Light Commercial Vehicle Research Institute.

In manufacturing, JAC Boutique Light Truck Project introduce the VW VDA quality management system, benchmark Isuzu product quality, relies on the Xingang Base, the model plant designed and built with world-class highest standard, and comprehensively improve the manufacturing accuracy and quality of JAC light truck.

From Product-driven to Value-driven

JAC light truck systematically upgradeJAC light truck entering the 4.0 Era is not only product upgrading, but also overall upgrading of business philosophy, service scope, commodity form and systematic capacity. In the 4.0 Era, JAC light truck will upgrade the previous product-driven business model to user value-driven, and to achieve systematic upgrading through digital means, through R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, marketing and service system.

Ankang Power is an important step of JAC light truck 4.0 Era and an important member of the Cummins family around the world. The new B-Series engines are the only Chinese-made and globally applied medium and light diesel engines. With the world's leading micron machined lines, efficient and reliable thermal test lines and top-of-the-line experimental testing center, all products of Ankang Power implement Cummins global uniform standards. So to speak, besides the inherent advantages of high quality and high fuel efficiency, with the integrated R&D and matching to JAC light trucks, Ankang Power engines has better power performance compared to similar products, and the operating value increases by 10-15%.

In the 4.0 Era, JAC light truck boutique products and efficient services will jointly build efficient and intelligent logistics solutions. In the scope of service, JAC light truck will transfer from focusing on the vehicle to the upgrading of people, vehicle, cargo and field, build service system based on the three aspects of maintenance service, living demands and ecological alliance, and meet the full value needs of user operation.

To build the marketing system, JAC light truck focuses on the construction of new ecology integration of online and offline digital marketing, to build JAC light truck online truck sales platform, online mall and the live stream system covering all national dealers.

Boutique products, full value chain services, online and offline integration of digital marketing new ecology, jointly drive JAC light truck into the 4.0 Era, upgrading from providing transportation tools to efficient intelligent logistics solutions.

During the media conference, JAC also held a light truck 4.0 Era new models test drive. Series of new products impressed the test drive reporters by strong power, flexible control, leading car network and intelligent technologies.

This is a time of high-speed changes, with new technologies, new ideas, new modes emerge endlessly. It is a test of business wisdom for every enterprise to be both forward-thinking and down-to-earth. In the 4.0 Era, JAC light truck clearly embraces new technologies and creates new models, and takes the lead in sounding the trumpet of change in the light truck industry.

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