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JAC light Truck Ranked no.1 in Sales of Peru Chinese Brand for 11 Year in a Row

Date:2021-01-27 Author:Sarah Source:automotiveworld

JAC Light Trucks Ranked No.1 in sales of Peru Chinese Brands At the end of 2020, there comes an good news that a batch order of 40 units of light-duty trucks were delivered to JIMENEZ group in Peru, which is the biggest corporate order since JAC’s entry into Peru market for 10 years.

40 units of light-duty trucks were delivered to JIMENEZ group in PeruFaced with rapid changes in Peru automobile market this year, JAC actively innovates marketing model, explores and adjusts marketing strategy, guides dealers to break through adversity, and launches the development of segmentation customers of people’s livelihood in 2020, focuses on the cooperation with leading enterprises, at the same time JAC increases the investment in digital marketing, and strengthens the effect of online customer collection. In 2020, JAC sold 754 units in Peru market, with an increase of 4.5% against the trend. It has maintained the No.1 sales volume of Chinese brand light trucks for consecutive 11 years.Peru has complex geographical features, and the wide range of vehicle use throughout the country, which poses a severe test to JAC’s vehicle service range and service capability. N95 and N55 products combination were recommended by the JAC distributor in Peru to meet the customer’s demands. The N95 is equipped with Cummins 3.8L 168HP and 4,700mm wheelbase to meet the customer’s intercity logistics and heavy-load requirements, while the N55 is equipped with 2.7CTI Cummins high-end power, which can guarantee the surge power even in the highland area (above 3,000 meters altitude).

Mr. Oscar, CEO of JIMENEZ Group, who received this batch vehicles, spoke highly of the JAC high-end light truck N55 and N95In 2006, JAC Light Truck officially entered the Peru market, and has been committed to providing local customers with the best quality products and the most intimate service. Over the past 14 years, JAC light-duty trucks has gained more and more customers’ attention and support while its brand has been gradually expanding. For many years, JAC light-duty trucks has kept the proud record of the no.1 sales of Chinese light trucks in Peru.

JAC light-duty truck Peru 4S shopAfter the successful delivery of the vehicles, JAC Peru dealers also gives the most suitable service plan for the customer. They will offer driving training to the drivers, daily maintenance and maintenance training. Besides they also set up service networks at key area, increase easily damageable spare parts reserve for related truck models to satisfy customers’ vehicle service requirement.The ship of 2021 has already set off, JAC will continue to adhere to the development of key customers in the industry, continue to be customer-centric, adhere to the product quality and high quality service, warm-hearted customer policy to welcome 2021.We firmly believe that JAC will continue to shine in Peru in 2021.

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