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JMC Heavy-duty Truck Weilong

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  • JMC Heavy-duty Truck Weilong
  • JMC Heavy-duty Truck Weilong
  • JMC Heavy-duty Truck Weilong
Technical Parameter
  • JMC Heavy-duty Truck Weilong

  • 6920mm×2550mm×3520mm

  • 25,000

  • 6×4

  • 3300mm+1350mm

  • JX6D Series Engine

  • 420

  • 2150

  • FAST 12JSD220TA

  • 12

  • 500

  • MICHELIN 315/80R22.5 16PR

Product Description
JMC’s first heavy truck uses Ford Cargo engine, driving cab and chassis. Ford’s lastest Otosan heavy duty engine permits perfect power delivery, reduces fuel consumption. According to MIIT data, the truck can save more than 10% fuel compared with the truck of its kind and the emission of oxynitride is 30% lower than China National Ⅴ emission standard. 
With 9.0 litre and 13.0 litre engine options, the new truck is the result of the JMC-Ford joint venture in China, leveraging Ford’s European vehicle and engine technology with JMC’s local manufacturing base and distribution network.
The heavy-duty truck can meet the customers’ demand for intelligence by providing them with vehicle monitor, fuel consumption management, cargo dispatch and driver behavior analysis. It helps users to check the vehicle status, improve transportation efficiency and reduce your fuel costs and other operational costs. 
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