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Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Chenglong M5

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  • Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Chenglong M5
Technical Parameter
  • Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Chenglong M5

  • SD245 50 engine

  • 8JS105TA transmission

Product Description
Chenglong M5 is able to deliver an outstanding overall performance so as to ensure safety and high efficiency in logistics industry. Chenglong M5 is fitted with ISD245 50 engine and 8JS105TA transmission, which work together to deliver a strong power, high speed, high efficiency, and high fuel economy. What’s more, the keel structured driving cab, seen as the first in China, further guarantees the security and makes M5 the top choice for customers from express logistics industry. 
Public security record numberPublic security record number:11010502036076