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SAIC Hongyan KINGKAN M500 8×4 Dumper

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  • SAIC Hongyan KINGKAN M500 8×4 Dumper
  • SAIC Hongyan KINGKAN M500 8×4 Dumper
  • SAIC Hongyan KINGKAN M500 8×4 Dumper
  • SAIC Hongyan KINGKAN M500 8×4 Dumper
Technical Parameter
  • SAIC Hongyan KINGKAN M500 8×4 Dumper Compound Edition

Product Description
Bearing capability
The use of new dual rectangular shape balance shaft makes passing capacity higher. Rear stabilizer, as a standard configuration option, will improve vehicle’s stability in case of rollover.

Standard fuel-saving switch: The output rate stands at 70%, 80% and 100% respectively in light load, medium load and heavy load condition, getting better fuel economy on the journey.

Golden combination of power: mature Cursor engine synchronized with European IVECO and SIAC engine synchronized to Mercedes-Benz; Hongyan’s own driving axle of Fiat’s origin: with its strength in output torque of 5500N·m., new materials, advanced technology, large torque, strong loading capacity, high reliability and wide speed ratio, Hongyan Kingkan enables to maximize the capability to meet the requirements in various situations.

Originated from Europe but synchronize to the world class: IVECO technical assurance, 500,000 European standard bench tests; limitation tests in plateau, high temperature and extreme cold environment: performed very well in the environment of -30℃ to -50℃ and even an altitude of 5,000m easily; With such configurations as enhanced 4 u-bolts balanced suspension, improved material, and reciprocation unitized framework, Kingkan M500 improves in the stability and reliability of the whole vehicle safety.

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