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SHACMAN Xuande E6 Electric Truck

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  • SHACMAN Xuande E6 Electric Truck
  • SHACMAN Xuande E6 Electric Truck
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  • SHACMAN Xuande E6 Electric Truck

Product Description
Equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries with a stored power of 217.2 kWh and 4EMT/4D1080 automatic transmission gearbox, the truck is able to deliver 245 horsepower and reach a maximum 180 kw. When fully loaded, it can drive 200 km continuously and fully meet short-distance intercity transportation needs.

In addition, the truck’s cargo tank measures 7,750 mm in length, 2,450 mm in width and 2,580 mm in height. With a cargo space of 49 cubic meters, the truck weighs 18 tons in total.

On the truck, it has a number of amenities for truck drivers, such as an electronically controlled window system, an advanced air-conditioning system, multi-media screen, a navigational system, and a camera.

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