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Great Wall Wingle 7 EV

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Technical Parameter
  • Great Wall Wingle 7 EV

  • 150kW

  • 300N·m

Product Description
Driving Range: 300km

Built on the huge success of Wingle 7 diesel powered pickup, the electricity powered 7EV measures 5,400 mm in length, 1,800 mm in width, and 1,760 mm in height. Its wheelbase measures 3,350 mm in length. Its cargo tank measures 1,680 mm in length, 1,460 mm in width and 480 mm in height.

Weighing 2,680 kg, the vehicle is able to load 480 kg. Equipped with 235/65R17 tyres and an electric motor with a maximum power of 150 kW, 7EV is set to push China’s pickup manufacturing industry to a new height.

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