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Auto Dealer From Bangladesh Inquiries about Chenglong L2 Electric Truck

Date:2020-02-18 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

[Message from Bangladesh, by chinatrucks.com]... Chinatrucks are honored to receive an inquiry from BML. BML is a company dealing with the JBC Trucks (Jinbei Auto) in Bangladesh. They are looking forward to getting Chenglong L2 electric truck this year and asked us what would be the cost of buying and importing this truck to Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh Commercial Vehicles Market, Chinese Brand Truck & Pickups sales are going up, Bangladesh generally is used to in RHD (Right Hand Drive) Steering type vehicles, At present in Light Duty segment, JAC, JMC, JBC, T-KING, KAMA, FOTON, FORLAND, FAW etc are existing and some new brand are trying to introduce & create market in Dhaka recently. There are bout 30,000 units of these brand truck & Pickups reputed in Bangladesh up to date. JAC is  leading the Market and JMC is following.

Secondly. In Medium & Heavy Duty, Indian Brand Vehicles leading, mostly TATA is a Leading brand and then Ashok Leyland. VOLVO-EICHER is going forward with reputation for Performance, Latest Features and Quality. Recently, MITSUBISHI launched in Bangladesh for All segments of CVs. There is Small Segment in Bangladesh leading by TATA ACE series. and get popularity in city carrying. Performance, Quality and Lasting-period/Duration not satisfectory, but peoples demand these for small trip instant in city. You know, Small and Light duty vehicles are only allowed to move in city area & across the country full time and other segment has restriction on movement in city [Only for night, though, outside the city, National and rural Roads are free for all time]. Small range of Chinese Brand pickup & truck may introduce with RHD steered vehicles aiming city carrier in Bangladesh and such country.


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