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Qingling Motors(Group)Co., Ltd.

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QingLing Motors (Group) Co., Ltd. is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in China, and is also a large scale automobile group taking QingLing Motors Co., Ltd. as its backbone, and listed in oversea — 43 important subsidiaries, factories, one R&D centre, in total build up by 16 substitutes. The former company was QingLing Vehicle Manufacture Company. Until 1969 QingLing is engaged in the manufacturing of N and T series light commercial trucks.


By 1985, QingLing became a Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise with Isuzu Company from Japan. In 1994, approved by the Central Government, QingLing Motors Co., Ltd issued stock shares abroad as the first such experimental enterprise of Chinese automobile industry, and was restructured as a state-owned international public company and the convertible bonds was also sold abroad in 1997. Isuzu Company increased capital and shared expansion to QingLing Motors in 2005, agreed by both parties to operate the business and cooperating with each other, insight on deepening technique, management, marketing, capital control and process, growing and enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

QingLing Motors group has transformed traditional industries by using advances technologies, completing a manufacturing system with development features, forming a complete production process chain which started from blank、spare part、assembly manufacturing and vehicle assembly. Including the three basic blanks-casting, forging and aluminum casting as well as the six main assemblies – engine, cabin and gearbox, etc and set up technical supports such as Technical Development Centre, Mould Centre, forging die centre and physicochemical centre etc.

Main products of QingLing Motors groups are: Isuzu series of light, medium and heavy commercial Vehicles, 5 series of diesel engines from power 77HP to 380HP and its same series gasoline engine. QingLing Motors product have always been the leading level of the commercial vehicle market in China, always to be recognized by the market and its customer and become the quality standard of the industry. The world’s most advanced technology, quality products are the unique competitive advantages to QingLing Motors.

QingLing Motors has products for domestic and oversea market. Domestic market: firstly the main seam customers of certain key industries. Listed as specialized logistics, oil, post, telecom, telecommunication, financial, electric, tobacco, and so on; Secondly, high added value for modified car customer. Such as municipal, environmental sanitation, fire, mine, cold storage, airport services and so on. For oversea markets: business area extends from Isuzu company from Japan to many well-known companies in Europe and multinational corporations.

In recently years, QingLing Motors Group insists to reduce cost and increase product quality while persisting in the world’s advanced technology and quality level, which to conquer the key challenges with high quality and high price of the international brand commercial vehicles. All series are converted to be the high quality and middle price. QingLing Motors Group has a fundamental change in the consumer market and its customer groups. Market areas expanded from the eastern coastal developed areas to vast market potential space, the vast areas of the Western inland. Customer groups expand from monopoly industries, such as large logistic companies and modify vehicle enterprises and other high-end customers to Mid-market ordinary customers scattered forming high and midrange combination pattern of customer groups. QingLing Motors has entered to a new stage of full, leap-forward development.

Within 20 years, QingLing Motors received awards in national, provincial and municipal levels of 281 items. There are 65 items at national level, 175 items at Chongqing city level, and 41 items at Sichuan provincial level. In 2010, QingLing has“2010 China top 500 Machinery and top 10 Truck”, the 5th position of the Lorry’s top 10 list.


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