SHACMAN Aims to be a Premium Chinese Brand in Mexico

November 30,2022

Mexico is the world's top exporter of semi-trucks and the fourth-largest exporter of heavy-duty vehicles for cargo, according to the association's data. As an important bridge connecting the North American market, Mexico has always been the place where the world's major auto brands contend. 

SHACMAN, a Chinese truck manufacturer with headquarters based in Xi'an, Shaanxi, has made a big move in Mexico years ago. In August, 2021, the first SHACMAN X3000 tractor was successfully rolled out of the assembly plant in Hidalgo, Mexico, marking that SHACMAN has achieved localized production in another Latin American country following Peru.

In Mexico, SHACMAN started with two type of trucks — a Class 8 truck in different applications, tractor trucks, mixers, heavy duty and also a medium-duty truck.

The two trucks including SHACMAN X3000 and L3000 can be powered either by a diesel engine, concentrated natural gas (CNG) engine or liquefied natural gas (LNG) engine. SHACMAN aims to become the number one natural gas engine option in Mexico.

As of now, SHACMAN Trucks has been expanding into Mexico’s commercial vehicle market with a network of distributors and new assembly plant. Although it may be slow than expected due to COVID-19, SHACMAN remains focused on growing the dealer network and brand awareness across North America.

As of 2020, SHACMAN has set up factories in 13 countries, around 35,000 employees worldwide, and 100 dealerships in countries throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. SHACMAN's heavy duty trucks are exported to more than 100 countries and regions including Southeast Asia, Africa, Central Asia, Russia and Middle East, Central and South America.