FAW Jiefang


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Country: Philippines
Name: En**Justin Ji**ez
Feedback from End User: We are a construction firm from Philippines. Last year, we bought 2 units of 10 cubic Transit Mixers from QSJ FAW Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. Please see photo above. We chose Jiefang, one of the main reason is its loading capacity up to 10 cubic, that means significant economic for our operation.
Country: Uganda
Name: Jack*n
Feedback from End User: I am a good fan of FAW Jiefang. Most Jiefang trucks in our fleet have accompanied us for more than a decade. Some are purchased in 2006 and still in well operation. We are in the process of acquiring 4 new FAW 380hp Jiefang trucks to our fleet locally and will update you once we roll out.
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